Thoughts on Mercer now?!


He would be powerful in a different game, but hes just a weak time wasting toon

“I used the ideal tactic specifically designed to counter Mercer-like characters, therefor Mercer must be bad.”


Yeah but try him next without the Alice lol


I’ll try with Abe lead

Clearly that person has no idea how to team build. The key to maximizing Mercer is to have a toon with bonus hp commanded turn two. Otherwise you can just leave him alone until you rush.


Sorry guys, cant find the guy again

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Hmm, that -60 def, +75 attack buff, and alice lead had nothing to do with it right?


No it was all mira

Thts a easy def tht guy doesn’t know how to make a team. Just blindly spending and throwing him into a team lol


Lol I know. Also no one was running around claiming mercer was OP.

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He’s still pretty bad tho he needs disarm resist or something otherwise his weapon is bad too.Not worth spending in the current Meta.

I don’t think anyone claimed he was op. Honestly alpha does that to all the teams with the buff +debuff. I run a similar team.

I mean… yes and no. I would only venture a guess that 10 percent of the player base has an Alice or Diego. I mean I wouldn’t get him but if I did I wouldn’t use him like this guy.

Lol with alice and dale I’ll just simple auto everyone.

Alice, Dale and Bruce are OP, of course you can beat any team.

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I used mira lead, alpha, bruce, kal and dante.
I fought a lydia lead, jesus and magna, g2 glenn and mercer. Killed easy.
I fought a donnie lead, erika, double jesus, mercer. Killed easy.
I fought gabe lead, jesus and william, g2 rick and mercer. Killed easy.

Sorry whales but mercer sucks and to anyone who wants to pull for him, just dont lol he really is not as close to as good he looks on paper. Save for alice, diego, etc.

Defense is dead to a certian degree, go for attack toons and kill turn 3 or turn 4. Mercer doesnt help your defense, he is hyped up im guessing cause of his look.

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What team build is Mercer catered for? I just don’t see what team he really fits into. I’d use him under a Donny lead, but then I have Rick, Dale and red Beta who are all bigger priorities over him (Guardian/command is a must, Beta is a bigger pita when he pops).

Why are you flexing your attack team? 3/5 toons can be considered f2p now.

F2P only players exist just saying