Thoughts on legacy acendable Rose

What do you think?

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she seems nice she debuff stun and is fast and no special weapon


I ascended her but she is a little too much like Tara really. The active skill though pushed her into ascend though.

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Love the active skill, pretty good rainbow lead skill, rush could be better imo. Overall I give her a 7/10 or 8/10


I really need the active skill for reds so I’m going for her.
She’s good imo.

Only thing I don’t like is her design is worst than her 5*.
I’d prefer if they had a vote to switch them over.


Seems like all the recent legacy six stars found the same thrift store before they made it to the game


She’s a very good replacement for Jeremiah.

I kind of like the turtleneck but she gets worse as she levels…

Only good thing about her to me is her active skill. Nothing is desirable about her leader skill and while I’ll give props to her rush for the debuff, I honestly prefer it to be random. It just seems to work with me more. Sorry but I just don’t like her. I do like her design though.

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Kind of confused seems like we are returning to five star leaderskills. Andrea shield I understand having a weaker leadskill, but no reason rose shouldn’t give 40 hp on top of something besides a drop skill that most players don’t need at this point .


Fa Tara> rose


The whole thing about that is actually having Tara to begin with and having the things to level her up semi consistently accessible (yes I know gear is tight that’s why I said semi consistently)

Eh… IMO, not really.

Tara may have a pretty decent leader, but that’s easily replaceable with Blue Andrea now. Tara may do 150% more damage(not factoring in stats, just AR), but Rose does 10% more DEF debuff, and 60% ATK debuff. Not to mention, 3 teammates will also Camo(not PvP relevant) and 30 Crit. Her active is also significantly better IMO.

I wouldn’t use Rose as an attacker, but more of a support character. She can easily neuter up to two enemies, while boosting her teammates offense. Plus, 2 turn stun active helps her role too.

She’s a good character. Not sure why they made her a drop lead and added camouflage. Kind of ruined it for me. She’s a similar to Laura with her debuff and stun.


But if I use Tara she can be used as a leader and a debuffer so basically she kills 2 birds with 1 stone so that’s why tara> rose.

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It is a good point about her leadership skill…

Don’t know why it isn’t 40%hp…

She lost her police shield…boo

Aside from how gated she is, Tara’s leader skill does not provide flexibility when it comes to make an offense/defense team. Dual trait leader skills/rainbow leader skills are useful for that exact purpose that they aren’t tightly constricted to one trait.

That’s just my opinion. If you like running an all alert team, then Tara may work better for you. But overall, Rose is better suited in more situations. (Plus the 60% ATK debuff is so useful too.)

I initially hated Rose but after yawning a few times I realized she’s an option to break shields.

Bring her and at least one Tyrese into a fight. If you pop Rose’s debuff followed by Ty’s noob cannon you potentially have two decapped. That’s a big deal in a revive/time out loop defense.

Of course there are a thousand factors at play about the execution of this technique but we’re being general here and not playing out ultra specific scenarios.

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i got her from elite character tokens not that long ago so i’m happy with my free ascendable. don’t have tara. i do also have jerimiah from lvl up rewards though, and they’re pretty similar.

Rainbow lead with 0 restrictions. It’s the same with Yellow Andrea.

You’ll see Carley has something similar, like “All teammates get 40% def against ranged characters,” with the ranged character component being a restriction.