Thoughts on event/collection event?


I want to know your guys’ thoughts on this event good bad whatever!


Glenn is worth it if you dont have him but meh…
Would have been nice to have 4 of some of the remaining legacy ascendables to choose from. But i’ll keep dreaming


Clearly gear toward newer players but also good for any player who has yet to get these.


For me I’ll finally get Glenn so it’s good. And people have been asking for a long time to get to replay past roadmaps. Would have liked the options to be better but it’s not the worst event Scopely has run by a long shot.


I have everyone but Shane so i guess I’m getting him. Likely won’t ascend him though


We need a gear museum collection. Don’t know why they would put Lori up again. And wasn’t Maggie also a monthly login event.


Could have did rick instead of Lori they just did in the spring


I missed out on rick and I actually really want him. His lead skill makes a good yellow attack team


Him as lead att mods he kills like every blue with ar


Also I was talking red Rick I have yellow haha


pure crap …




I like how we can only use 5* and under in the roadmap. Reminds me of the old days when that’s all we had


I have him and he’s just waiting to go to 6*


Shitty, I got them all. I won’t be grinding for dups.


One word … trash


I’ll agree with a lot of the others here, it’s a decent event. The rewards aren’t fantastic (whyyy would you give us a Lori again, Scopes?) but they’re enough to motivate you. It’s free shit. Plus, I can save the green 4*s I had lined up for ascension now that I can essentially get Glenn for free.

All the people who are complaining about this event, though, can absolutely go do one. Didn’t your mama ever teach you not to look a gift horse in the mouth?


I have them too pretty good event for just raiding tho .We never got jack for raiding in the past Lori and Glenn are Really good in the 6 star Era because they have good buffs confuse and Focus impairize Maggie is Great for her 5 star version if you’re new and Shane if you’re Just getting back into the game.


Glenn and Lori - excellent choices if you don’t have them
Shane - Great at 5* if you need a ranged Crit lead for SR. useless otherwise
Maggie - Don’t know since I don’t have her. So going to get her


More fodder while still no legacy ascendable :slight_smile: