Thoughts on Diego wheel

So I’m thinking they put this Diego wheel out with lowered odds to get back some of those free coins they gave out. Thoughts?


It’s already a game of three card lol, can’t get more rigged then it already is , on second thought , it can

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Got diego and tobin on single 10’s.
Odds seem okay lol


10 pull ,odds seemed fine

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K. I stand corrected.

Faction mate on a 10 pull, do think he did 2 other 10 pulls before this

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watch them nerf him lol
that’s how they can get rid of the coins and not get a refund from Google or apple lol

I did 31 pulls no deigo :confused:


i know that feeling…

I got 10 4* maybe i got flagged as an opportunistic…

I will pull that later and it will be the last pulling then.

Did a 10 pull and got Harper already had Diego so she was just who I wanted but for sure they’re trying to get their coins back

Tobin odds were okay


I would have to do 10 40 pulls to get that exact amount of ascended/ascendables with my luck.

Thoughts on the wheel itself:
Good def down ARs on every toon. Attacking leadership skills. If it wasn’t for the lower than normal odds, a wheel definitely worth pulling on. Especially with both Diego and Harper in there. Attacking is more important than defence.

This is what a lot of the tuned in and strategically minded player base said F2P needed - strong attacking toons. Now some F2P can actually afford to pull on it after Skullgate.

These are the type of toons we need to see as future legacies (plus shields and a couple of disarms).

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