Thoughts on cole

Anyone use him when attacking melee teams? I think his turn 1 taunt could be super effective against melee teams to control stun/ab def weps.

He looks cool and all, but he sHoUlD bE F2P

He also looks like he would be good at Soy face.


He’s good for a cheap disarm but if that’s what you’re looking for and you’re not rich save up for a Louis or som1 when they do those character sales.

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Cole isn’t a disarm toon

He has disarm in his gun

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This dude only has one leg?

I thought he was bad but in the right team he was a pain in the ass. Especially if he taunts u turn 1 really underrated.

He disarms when being attacked, yes he is a Disarm toon.

I have seen him on some defenses, he can be a pain at times

He looks interesting, im assuming since they are offering him without rng and not all the expensive the sales probably weren’t great for him. I wouldnt mind seeing some videos with him in action tho.

Cole’s kind of all over the place in terms of his viability in combat. He’s an offensively based taunter-disarmer. Sure, he makes each of those abilities synergize fairly well, but he’s more of a jack of those trades and master of none.

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