Thoughts on arenas

Here is my take on arenas… I’ve been playing this game since the start, and this is the first new event that has the potential to be truly fun, and worth while since war rolled out. However, at it’s current state it’s a rip off, and pointless for most. The scoring system needs drastically to change. There is no point in spending money on tickets if you don’t advance. It seems that the options for battles are completely random. This means a player can blow through tickets and still fall short of good rewards. Not cools scopes. For a long time people have been complaining about money grabs, and not being able to keep up no matter how hard you grind. This takes the fun out of any game. Imo the current set up of arenas is just another kick in the teeth to players who have supported the game from the beginning. Arenas would be so much fun if people could advance at the level they are willing to participate. And yes… big spenders will always end up on top, but give people a reason to play at the very least. I love the ring idea personally, but the event itself is currently poorly set up. Simply changing the scoring lay out could make this so much better. I have no problem dropping some cash when I’m receiving an actual product, (ftr I used to spend 200+ a month, and now maybe drop 30 a month). I have a huge issue dropping cash for a chance that will probably never happen. I have a fire pit in my back yard I can throw money into and it would reap the same results. That being said… please consider restructuring the point system. It could be a really fun event if it was worth playing.

  1. it was designed to appear fun and engaging
  2. then revised (most importantly)… To make money by mgmt.

They’re a for-profit company not a charity.
You should be thankful they let you login for free

I’ve not spent any money on arena tickets, and finished a few times in the top 5, and the rest top 10-20.
Got plenty of rings, and it doesn’t matter, as it is a continuous weekly event so will get rings nevertheless.
I think arenas is a great addition. The rings too. I am in platinum 5.

I dont understand what you are proposing to he honest. There has to be winners and losers how are you proposing we get there? It is never going to be fair let’s be real.

I was proposing that scores be based on actual activity and battles won. It’s a fairly simple concept. I also stated I think it’s a great addition to the game. Just needs some tweaking.

I also stated I think it’s a great addition. In fact, I stated that imo it has the potential to be the best addition since war rolled out.

Teams full of S-Class, no point on doing this

make the arenas inside the server, not in league

Last stretch I didn’t use any extra tickets. I finished 1st once, 3rd once and 5th once. All the rest I didn’t finish anywhere close.

This stretch I’ve not come close to that until this trait mania one where I sit in 4th with half the players left to play. I decided to blow 5 tickets on this one and haven’t advanced my score at all despite getting perfect scores every single time.

So from my experiences, the domination format actually helps F2P as it isn’t always a big spender finishing 1st.

Then it is total pay to win if you are going most battles. Ftp have little to no chance

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