Thoughts on Abs Def Koa?

I’m thinking of use a green defense team, but I only have Dante, Solange, Princess, Koa and Glenn com. And want to know what Koa users feel about him with the abs Def Axe.
Thanks for the attention

Koa behind a Dante lead might not be the best idea since you don’t really want Koa using his godawful rush (Dante gives huge AP bonus when being attacked). Regarding your question about Koa’s viability with the absolute defense axe, I think it’s pretty obvious, if you ask me. Any human shield with absolute defense, especially 6 star shields, are top tier. Koa is a pretty tanky shield, but just be aware of all the hard hitting red team comps out there at the moment.


Thanks mate, I would try my pulls for that Gabriel, he seems very OP

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Abs def koa > not abs def koa


I really don’t see the fascination between absolute defense on koa and minus 30 ap. It’s all rng as too which proctors the most.

Not taking damage > taking damage


Yea but is it worth spending all that money on a chance for that axe. Especially with all the disarmers. Money poorly spent imo.

I like my Koa with the ap down better

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he should use an eric lead. that would be better too

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PA down > Abs def > trash weapon…

Koa with PA down when being attacked are pain in the ass… the ones with Abs Def are so damn easy to take down…

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Can you show me your Koa team please?

If you have AD for koa use it. AP down is laughable.

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I don’t have Koa, but this is the weapon Koa should use (or better +35% DEF +30% VIT and AP Down.)

Koa and Jesus with AP down are the worst teams… there is no resist to AP Down… only a disarm could counther that weapon (and any other weapon).


It’s better to have koa tank and stay alive as long as possible rather lose health just try and rob AP which isn’t a big deal if you are running commands and AP leads.

There is no resist Absolute Defense either

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I have koa with ap down and he sucks, needs abs def axe to be any good

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Who needs to stay alive when we have hundreds of revives and few decaps?

Confusion can land relatively easy.

The fact that there is a 100% free to get out of the supply depo decap tyresse is why.

Use to use -ap and he dropped fast. I use abs now and it’s so much better.