Thoughts on a Barter System?


So the topic of trading came up today and I am somewhat against it. A lot of people came up with the idea that whales could just trade their friends in game great toons and it would ruin the game. So instead what about a bartering system?

Ill start with an example. In my case, I have 3 Shield Lees, and for no reason I need them. I have 2 maxed and 1 is from 5* tokens. So… I put my Lee up as a post, and to trade I would like a Carl, since I havent gotten my hands on one yet. Or people can offer me stuff for my Lee, such as: gear, toons, coins, etc.

Its similar to the Madden games, or FiFa where you put up a really good card and let offers roll in and you accept the best offer. But instead its toons or gear. Sure the same problem could arise where whales put up a great toon and their friend offers a 1* and they accept but to stop something like that just put in a price. The person posting on the board has to pay 200 coins, or you need token to be able to post it.

Let me know what yall think. Rough idea but there is a lot of smart people here in the forums who could advance the idea further.


I think this would be remarkable. Especially if you’re the one in charge of what you think that character is worth. Being able to set a minimum you’d accept as a bid would be sweet. Of course, all bids should be able to be thrown out after a few days of being posted, similar to WoW.


Does fifa and maden have problems with coin buying?

All any type of trade/barter system will do is increase the ease that these cheats will recive goods and make it harder ti catch , people wil also make second acouts to get rewards to strengthen there mains, any system like this would not work period in a game like this ,


Make it anonymous so seller doesn’t know bidder and make it of equal value and you may have something.

I’ve been using dupes to ascend but have some toons stalled out because I lack flaks or beanies.

I could part ways with an extra Zeke for say 4 flaks / beanies and a 4* I don’t have to complete a museum collection…

Something like that.

The leader of my faction and I have talked a lot about in house trading post for a very long time, it always seems someone in the faction always has a glut of one thing that someone needs / wants and setting up an in house trading post would be great.

Whale factions already have all the stuff they need so I’m not concerned about them at all, let everybody trade amongst faction mates and help each other out.


Low level gear is a possibility ,but even anomalously its easy to find the right person for cheats and such, you just say the time left on your auction , or include a basic worthless item on the bid for people to track down.
in your system you say zeke for 4 flacks so that would mean a minimum bid as well this would make it so easy for cheats to go i want pryia and , the seller go , offer 4 flacks and il accept, the concept is nice but will not work


What i would say though is the museum could be used as a cover for gear i.e an ingame trade where you can convert flaks into beanies or talkies into bags is a very viable alternative to this


then let’s add an “auctioneer” to the equation, not an actual person but a bot.

If the proposed trade is way too lopsided or if it seems too janky red flags pop up and it gets sent to an arbitrator for final approval or rejection.


As a new player this would help so much. I have several maxed out 5* ascendables but I don’t have enough 5* fodder or Benedicts to ascend. I’ve been working on converting 3s to 4s, but get stuck on 4s due to lack of flaks and beanies. So If I could trade for these items, I may be able to elevate my teams to be able to compete with the older players in my region who are running teams with 2-4 6* on them.


Glad most of you liked the idea! It could be very useful I think with getting stuff you are missing and an even more effective way to get rid of things you dont need.

Though like anything else of course people would try to find a way to exploit it, not sure how or how they would counter that. Reason its just an idea :slight_smile:


I think in-faction trading would regulate itself.

And would be fantastic!

The only exploit would be dodgy types trying to scam newbies/kids but… they would learn.


I think the person who makes the post should regulate the trade.

Lets say I put a Lee Shield and

Player 1 offers me Priya
Player 2 offers me Magna and 3 Bags
Lastly, Player 3 offers me Accendable Carl and 2 walkies.

Id be able to accept or decline whichever ones I wanted


@kalishane Do you have any ideas on something like this or what the team thinks of a “Trading System”? Hope you dont mind me asking :slight_smile:


And mr VK offers you 5* wyatt,10 duct tape, 10 PK a gps and canteen, its a system ripe for exploitation hence why it would never work.
On the flip people could end up buying these characters by simply trading a piece of gear like a flak for lee.

First thing id do if trading became a reality is to set up multiple accounts in the same region so when elite or ultra gear maps came up i could farm them on all of them and trade them to my main account.

Its an idea that has come up multiple times yet has always got the same flaws, take fifa for example you have coin buying sites who have caused massively inflated prices for certain players, it is almost impossible to regulate , if you check EA they have tried multiple times to stop this industry and have failed every time, introducing this here would have the exact same effect.

What your basically asking for here is more gear maps so there never a limiting factor
A reasonable price or option for any duplicate characters you own ,instead of the measly amount you get from supply depot, or having to sacrifce for a 6* in ascendance
And a way to balance the gear you have as i like most am majorly imbalanced 7 watches to 0 radios


@kalishane PLEASE pass it up to designers/devs

At least an in- faction trading system. Would help players tremendously. Characters, gear, weapons.


Lol keep dreaming they don’t care unless it makes them money