Thoughts for Green Weapons


So the game is in a weird spot because of the power gap between 5s and 6s but weapons will always be a focus since they will typically determine the outcome of the raid.

As the title says, for green weapons which one would you go for? Stun when attacking OR ap down when taking damage?

The game is very ranged denial focused and I have been able to build a team around that but with the upcoming “A New Threat” Negan on his way I feel he could shake the meta with 6* Carls help of course. Comment your thoughts down below :blush:

And remember. Keep Surviving!


Offense stun, defense AP down. You can’t overstate the importance of stun while attacking on offense, you can use it to neutralize a key character for a couple of turns, to overcome special weapons, etc. it is the best offensive mod in the game.


Stun stun stun stun stun. It’s amazing on offense and defense. Ap down only if u are completing a windowless team.

Ap down has never impressed. Even with slower toons, it still does not do enough.