Thoughts about Michone event?

Hey Guys,

I was wondering… I have’nt yet made any pull in Michone wheel, but I have seen the rewards, very bad! 2-5 pieces of keys, posters, bullets etc. ? wtf…

Then boxes with 30 pieces? It’s not good either, I havent seent 130 pieces box yet, have you?

And Michone as character - OK character for a newbe, but honestly she can be taking out by 2-3 hits / 1 rush of Christa, so whats the point?

Here is my thoughts (maybe im not right) but, I think that scopely made this event to drain us for world energy, then they will set the “drop” of world enerdy down in events as rewards/milestones, so we even here for World Energy will be struggling lol - but ofc. if you pay you can buy more world Energy…

What are yout thoughts about this event?

//Kamil the kid

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It’s shit


World energy can drain event. Will be aiming for third in wars to stockpile :joy::joy:


i got 1 time 130 … so yes the box is there

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It’s just a rinse and repeat roadmap. I was already bored after the 2nd completion. Like you say Michonne is decent as a stand-alone toon but with S class coming more into the game, standard 6* are less useful.

The time investment alone having to be on every 2 hours is just stupid. Make the event fun, not a grind


I got the 130 box once also but the event has so many bugs idk why they rushed it out and I’ve seen some people pull michonne the first day not sure of they spent money on balloons or not but the whole thing is ridiculous when you only get 2 collectables here and 4 there

The worse part gonna be the 10 min rm that starts on the 19th

For using one whole energy can and getting 5 pieces of cake, ice or whatever that’s ridiculous. Then you have to do this 70 times? Lmao. Not to mention that you don’t get a lot of survivors anyway. Of course there are people who will pull the toon like there will always be a few people who single pull premier toons. But for the majority it’s another endless time consuming grind, you shouldn’t forget that most people have to raid, doing arena and etc. too.

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I guess the amount of items you can get from that special map will be low as fück again or might even be another famous rng box. :wink:

The event is just stupid tbh

Yeah, but im happy that I can farm Medals, and some gear tbh.

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Way too much grinding, the outcomes aren’t worth calling rewards, considering the cans you burn along with time. Using natural energy now, so 1-2 maps/day. Should have been coupla maps a day with more quantity of stuffs and thangs. These single digit collectibles crap, making me feel cheap lol

Just wanna play the game man not live in it.


It’s too buggy - yesterday I completed al the roadmaps on auto without issue. Today the game crashes before you can get past wave 2 on stage 2:2

I did get a 130 choice box. The events a grind for me but mainly cos i play two regions. If I only played one it would be a breeze. And those collectables do add up… better then 15 of one type every two hours that this latest terry event offered lol

like others say, while Mich is average, terrible in the s class era

at least we are getting ok items, gear, medals, 5 star tokens

get some exp and survivors.
this is gear for those who have been around longer, I have 120 cam but running at least 10 cans a day! gonna burn them fast


Shouldn’t be required to use an energy can to complete a roadmap before it expires. Sure I guess there can be the option to use an energy can to be able to run the roadmap every time it refreshes, but you shouldn’t be forced to use an energy can to complete a roadmap before it refreshes

So this event sucks. My fac mate already pulled Michonne though and said another guy in his other region faction already pulled her too

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I’am also here for the gear, for me Mich is useless with Priya, Christa, Zachary and Doc in the team…

Well you actually get three toons. Yeah michonne will be stale quickly but shes still relevant right now. But all toons get stale.

yes all toons get stale, thats life - some faster than other… I guess toons like DR. Steven will be useful for a long time still.

Enjoying the S class items, however small they are but talk about a grind. A roadmap every two hours is dumb. People work and sleep. I’ve started the map and didn’t complete it already a few times. Really poor design.

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