Thoughts about disarming specialist?

So now that we seen nothing has changed on Bruce specialist skill. How does people feel about it? Me? I feel like its not only over powered but it is pretty flawless in design as it has no draw back like other specialist skills like indomitable, collateral damage, guardian where they at least have a down side or a flaw to it that keeps it balance imo. I had hope that this skill would only be on pure crit chance and the first paragraph of the specialists skill would be removed where bruce can not be effected by enemies weapons like stun guns, AD, impair, AP down. What says you?

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To be honest I expected something like this, Give away yellows, then release a monster green

Same thing happen when that free revive jesus came about , decap came right after it


The drawback is that part of the specialist skill still requires them to land a crit to disarm an enemy, and it’s only effective against enemies with a special weapon.

It’s a little strong, but it isn’t overpowered. I say that because Disarming doesn’t affect weapons’ base stats, so now players have a viable option to make strong, non-special weapons to anticipate Disarming. This should have come out long time ago to counter the extreme power creep that came with armory/special weapons.


Bruces rush (as well as other melees aplenty atm) gives himself a not insubatantial crit buff and one other. All he needs is lead and he can essentially be doing this every turn without fail. Hell the PREMIER WEAPON wheel of his is 30 crit with Bonus crit at enemy %hp AND 20 defense. this is literally the first time ive seen one of the most Perfectly crafted base weps for a toon ever.

Its not like you need stun to make him viable, or impair, or craft a double attack. His best available stat is the most common critical success on that table and Crit skill.

This toons pretty much sealed the defenses chances of winning imo.


OP. All weapons are useless now. Put stun when attacking on a green crit weapon and destroy everyone.


Not even. 3x green stun on attacks, 2x bruces with super crits, crit and nail everyone one at a time. if with two shivas confuse enemy and let them help you beat each other up. GG.

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Ehh Dwight’s Rifle is more of a perfect weapon than Bruce’s. Bruce’s new weapon is essentially a crit Lucille with a non-crit success Slayer mod; I’d replace that slayer 3 with a stronger slayer 3.(There’s also the option of making it bonus crit when the character’s health is %HP rather than the enemy’s)

Personally, I’m liking the the sift in the meta to appeal to Crit stat.

I agree but I still think its over powered when Bruce can bypass specials that proc when defending even if he doesn’t land a crit to disarmed them so the rest of your teammates has a open window.


That’s why I’m saying it’s a little strong, considering that “____ when defending” is a strong pick for many players." I just don’t think it’s superbly overpowered because “_____ when defending” isn’t the objectively best weapon stat to use. With the release of 6*s, we’ve definitely see a shift towards other types of special weapon stats like Double Attack, or even “____ when attacking.”

Granted, Disarming’s second part can stop that too, so I’ll be interested to see how players react to this supposed shift in the meta. Disarming still can’t block effects from active skills or AR, so that drawback puts it on par with Guardian 2’s efficiency for me.


Pretty valid points that I didn’t think of. Bravo to you man!

I’m scare that this is going to be a Goku momment.



Totally next I suspect to see is “impervious” a special where it would block weapon effects when being attack by them. I wish I can “lol” after typinng that.

Don’t forget sell Rick’s jarring stun pistol, release disarm toon a month later ^^

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Sadly the only thing that can overcome power creep is another power creep :sob:

A perfect drawback to this would be wen you disarm an enemy a friendly toon is also disarm on the upcoming turn.

I wouldn’t be surprised if “Crit Immunity” came along. It’d counter many of the mechanics that rely on crit; plus its a staple in RPG games.


Very true

I should had read your comment before giving my two cents.

It’s not a wrong approach. Ideally, you want a power creep to be affected by another newer power creep. However, you’d want the new power creep to mainly be a power creep to the power creep, rather than the power creep to the whole game. As such, the newer power creep merely helps balance the previous power creep, without being a power creep itself.

Thinking of it as a bugs/updates to fixes relation, you hope that the first update doesn’t bug out the main game. If it does bug the main game, you’ll need a newer update to fix the bugs from the first update, while hopefully not making more bugs to the main game too.

AKA, fix issues without creating more issues.

Except… Those builds don’t do anything against the current slew of offensive teams. Using them on a defensive team just leaves you open to rushes that guarantee you never have toons that pop. Only stun atk or impair atk could be considered options which don’t take you very far.

In today’s game design he is OP.

2 turn specialist skill effect disabling weapons
full immunity to defensive weapon abilities

huge offensive power jump in a game that was already super-powered offensively due to current 6s meta (Tyrese, Dwight, alpha, etc)

If he had a negative impact on himself when triggered, such as stunned for 2 turns or just immunity or just 1 turn impact there would be a true design trade-off VS other character designs. But no he gets a 0 down side OP multi-turn ability…?