Thought they were merging regions?


Macon has 11 active factions…this game is like a job now…stop making new regions and work on the ones …dieing


No merging…


Nope and it looks like they have no intention of ever doing that. Not one peep has been said from any of them regarding mergers.

The only people who keep begging for one are the players. I always think our region is dead and it is but compared to some of these other regions were pretty “active”. It’s ridiculous how they ignore everything. It’s the people who keep pulling and spending’s fault. As long as they continue to make money they have no incentive to make positive changes.


Yeah, activity is really dropping off in Madison. If I could leave mid war and start my own faction fight now, it would come in 13th place…


Yeah. One player by himself is scoring enough points to out do the entire faction at rank 13. I could make it 12th in about an hour if half my faction weren’t busy or asleep.

Something needs to be done about dying regions. Mergers would be ideal, but even allowing account transfers. Maybe make a mega region for all the veterans to go to. Call it Valhalla, where we can war forever.



Its one of the few subjects were we never get replies on @kalishane


They seriously need to do something.
Bleckley here, We’ve got 21 faction on the Leanderboard but only about 12 have more than 2 wars.

Long searches/ War Bordem and people quitting all the time is only making it worse…


The least they could do is coming forward and tell us its not gonna happen. If you have some respect left for your players that spent tons of money and time into your product step up and do it. @kalishane


They really need to do something, playing one faction then waiting 20min to play the same faction is no fun for anyone, everyone is just bored and hoing through the motions. Scopely merging region would fix a huge amount o f the p problem but if you refuse to do that please give us only crw as that band aid will work for now


Going the same way here on Harris. 20 factions on the leaderboard, 15 with 5 or more wars.



Your supposed to be advocating for players and providing a fun gaming experience. We deserve some response.

There are a half dozen threads showing inactivity that ruins players experience. Last war there were a dozen threads. Yet nothing.


Going the same way here on Harris. 20 factions on the leaderboard, 15 with 5 or more wars.


There is a plan. Keep introducing new more op toons to keep the whales pulling till everyone else just quits. Devote all resources to other games requiring less up keep and easy maintenance. Welcome to the new walking dead game. Everything comes with a price tag and players are numbers to be manipulated. If you want change it will only be in aspects of the game that are fine and breaking others. Get you to quit seems to be the new scopley model. Hey its the one thing they have been doing great at.


12 complaint threads down to 6 is progress right?


I lol’d.


no people are just all going to the same ones or they are being removed lol


The people calling for her, you realize it’s a sunday right, and she’s likely not working?


You think maybe it’ll still be on her notifications when she is working…


Yeah but regardless, do you actually think she’s going to respond to you?


Better to ask than not to.


No but I expect it will be seen regardless of whether a response comes.