Thought SR was a mistake?

You said SR was a mistake but now your trying to sell legendary survival tokens. Hmmmm


I would too.

Improvise. Adapt. Oversell.


Am I the only one hating this format? I’m usually on top of my energy so I can finish. I have been slacking so much on this one haha.


Just because they screwed up the SR event doesn’t mean they change the offers.

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There’s literally only a 40 point differnce from farming the last stage of legendary and last of elite. And we all have about 2000 elite tokens from war. Who buys this crap?

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But shouldn’t they?

You don’t have to use them on this sr. Jesus

Hell of a mistake for them to make those boxes so close together.

I wouldn’t bother. These offers are planned and put in queue well in advance, and every time you make manual adjustments after the fact there’s a chance you mess something up. People can stock up for the next one if they want or ignore the offers.


Same. I’m always on top of energy for SR. This one has completely fallen to the wayside.

I liked it just for the simple reason that I’m sick and tired of doing SR. It’s way too long and the only stages that require any attention are the reflect ones.


There are no mistakes. Only happy accidents.



So true. :grin:


Bob Ross, a true American hero.


(Controversial Joke Ahead)
He painted some pictures then dipped.


I literally thought the same exact thing ! … so it was a mistake but now you have a sale for tokens that litterlay nobody would use unless this event happened

At this point there is litterlay no way that was an accident lol

You’re actually looking at it wrong. You’re comparing the magnitude of the difference to normal SR scores. But if everyone is scoring 200x8 every few hours and you’re only scoring 160x8 you need to do burn a few cans just to stay level.

(Please note, I’m just pointing out the fallacy in your statement and in no way am I suggesting the horse sh*t of an offer is worthwhile)

What makes you so sure? Maybe they’re just trying to cash in on their mistake? Or is just a coincidence that they launch a new offer during a failed tournament?

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Call me crazy, but im more inclined to believe it may have been intentional to afford the opportunity to get the rest of the batteries before the collections end. Im a foolish fool, i suppose.

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