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Dear Scopely,

You are losing players more and more every day. There are several reasons why seasoned players are walking away. Here are some of the issues the player base faces daily and possible solutions.

  1. Game glitches. We want you to fix these before introducing new features.
  2. Stop with the repetitive solo level ups, instead try having fewer solo events and offer better prizes. A day off from events could actually build your customer base. This has become a full-time job and those that are P2P already work a full-time job.
  3. Have more faction events. The lack of faction events causes less interaction as a group. Less interaction means you get bored faster and retire.
  4. Slow search times for AOW and CRW. See below for more information.
  5. Matching during wars. Seeing the same faction over and over is not fun.
    I have been searching for a new region to move our faction to. During my search I am finding that most regions have the same issue that we have, “LACK OF PLAYERS”. The average region has between 15-25 active war factions. While being able to move regions was a welcome addition, it has also caused many to move for an easy win and others to move because whale factions move in. I propose the following:
  6. Move all inactive players to one region. Inactive means, they have not signed on for a period of 90 days. Give these players a key to move to an active region in the event they become active again.
  7. Combine regions, giving each region 100 active factions minimum.
  8. The combination should be a mix of faction levels, but preferably based on strength. But we will take anything you can give us.
  9. Bring back the good war prizes we once had. In the past the winner of war always got whatever new character was on the market.
    Doing the above alone will grow your player base while increasing the company’s new worth.
    For months I personally have complained about the territory glitch, causing them to kick your team and turn into walkers. This glitch has caused havoc in most regions but you have yet to address it. A region at war with one another is yet another reason why the game has become monotonous. Players are giving up. We have begun to walk away one by one. And this will continue to be the case until you address the issues plaguing the player base.
    If you put your focus back on your players you would be surprised with how much money you stand to gain. This means you also need to train your customer service/support personnel. Writing them regarding a system glitch and being told, I will pass this on, keep surviving is getting old. Customer service should remember the reason they have a job in the first place. With any business the future success highly depends on its ability to please its customers. I am not asking you to give out freebees I am simply asking that you seriously take customer’s concerns into consideration and work with them to find amicable solutions. There is a saying, “THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT”. While in business we know that is not always true, there is a way to solve customer concerns without saying no. You would be surprised by how much you can accomplish by meeting a customer in the middle. I have trained many in the art of Customer service. And my #1 goal is to teach them that you never should have to say no to a customer. While you may not be able to do what they want you to do, you can provide them with another solution. Knowing that your concerns are being taken seriously is the main objective when a customer complains. Most are not asking for free things, most want a solution.

We need @JB.Scopely and a @GR.Scopely to see this!

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Can’t agree with you more there pal

If they did #7 they’d have to actually scale the rewards in a way that didn’t give mids junk

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That ship has sailed. They’re in full milk-mode.

These other posts say it best:


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Agreed, they need to give players a reason to compete. As it stands it is not worth spending the time or money for the prizes they have been offering.

That is one of the problems for sure. But you can only get so much milk before the cow dries up.

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lol… ohh… so funny.

While in business we know that is not always true, there is a way to solve customer concerns without saying no.

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