Thought I would share


Ok I put this in your survey but I have no idea where it goes so I thought it was worth sharing with the greater group. Bit of a rant bit of whitty banter.

Your game is like a local casino looking to break those that are just weak minded into opening up their wallets. Luckily I have not spent much on it but I have heard horrific stories of what others have and it’s gross.

Any pulls I get are from tapjoy or monthly pass and I have not pulled a premiere toon in over a year. It’s really sad that you didn’t listen to your customer base because the game could be so fun and has glimpses of fun as we go. But when we wake up and rub our eyes we realize once again the whool has been pulled over and we are left with piddly duplicates sometimes 3-4 deep from five star “newly updated” wheel. More like we updated it so you can get double the characters you already have.

I feel like you want me to work for you grinding out these horrible roadmaps that have not shown off any of the new features in the latest release and you already have another release in beta? As a product person I have no idea what kind of sense your team is making with releases. I’m not sure if your considering each of these things it’s own product and releases can be whenever and then your content team can just catch up? Whatever your doing stop it, if you release a really cool feature or promise one at least have the content ready to release within 5-7 days max. We have only seen the same roadmaps in the wrong areas on the map?

Now back to the game your ascendance process is broken each month you should be able to give us a glimpse of potential ascendables we don’t know who to use as fodder other than my fourth Larry or fifth Alicia. It’s confusing and I don’t know how you don’t see that it’s confusing if we don’t know we won’t ascend at the risk of losing a decent toon later when more are available.

Please for the love of god remove all 1* anything’s if you play longer than one week they are irrelevant and just a waste of space and time. Give us fours and maybe fives that are in the basic token at 1% pull rate a five star in basic who cares this should be easy peasy. Also please stop giving weapons on basic wheel it’s annoying to have to demolish them shits.

I have so many materials in your game that I could build a large barge for safe refuge/passage for fleeing immigrants across the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean hell maybe it’s both. Please open at least one thing in my town and it’s a burn pile where I throw the wood in and it just has a nice light show or some nice funny gifs show up that are comical.

Please find a way to transfer toons to other regions it shouldn’t be that hard people’s regions are dying partially to the above and it’s not fair to screw them that have worked hard and paid money to get where they are to be told hey start over again. It’s like when I was a kid I played Nintendo mega man 3 I beat ever single boss except one had all the extra cool powers and my mom game along cleaning and hit the reset button. Boy was I pissed, and so are your customers when your sun setting their regions they were put in by your game.

Otherwise the game is great guys good work :flushed:


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