Though Barker? Thoughts

Hey guys

I just pulled this tough Barker, any thoughts about him? Are u using him successfully and if yes - how do you mod him? I’m thinking def - attack maybe ?

I’ve successfully used him to score a modest amount of points on a level up and left him to steam on 6★ T2 because there are better tough toons to spend the gear on.

Oh and I wouldn’t have wasted the medals had he not been a 6★ pull.

He might be good, I’ve just had three recent much better tough toons bleed me dry of tripods and bandoliers

One of the top factions I faced last war used Barker behind an Eric timeout team, calling him a nuisance is said lightly. Worth throwing into a revive team and seeing how he fares, he’d surprise you.

Okay :slight_smile:
It was a one daily pull - so I haven’t spent anything on him yet…

I think a team with him, Louis - governor - Jesus and Dwight might be a great combo.

he has purpose. used to use him in Andrea attack team instead of command. with all huge ap weapons everybody was ready to pop off 3rd turn except for slacking blue Ty and Barker solved that problem

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I use him to take down heavy revive teams. He’s a wonder at stopping Ericka.

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I use him on one of my attack teams, the neutralize comes in very handy against revive teams.

Tried him in defence and didnt seem to put up much of a fight so have him set up for attack with an Andrea lead and an AP drain mod, very handy against erika

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My attacking team atm, have also spencer and Maggie from the path thing…

I use mine often

Ive got to ask - you seem to be an active player with fairly decent toons so do you guys not talk about stuff like that in your faction? I’m not having a go at you but it seems whenever there is an offer for a toon or you have a toon question you come to the forum (which is also for that purpose). I just find it peculiar - most people would ask their faction mates. At least nobody would be trolling you and they know the specifics of your region i.e. is it infested with shields or is it a new region which is still crawling etc


I love barker he is pretty handy for me, drained enemies AP and give AP to teammates at the same time very well.

You have a nuet in your attack team so you have to decide do you need 2? And if not which would serve better. AR vs AR , attack strength, and who would hold up better.

Oh believe me, he asks in faction chat :rofl:

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Attack mod set, use him to hit reds hard and drain ap and give ap to team mates, he can have an impair gun when attacking or double attack, hes good for a blue nuet.

It comes down to do you have the gear? Lilths? Ulysess? Mods?

Yes he is good, level him if you have the stuff to spare, if not then thats ok as he isnt a game changer, save the stuff for a better toon

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