Those who say angel is not that good r just dumbfouled

Check how i beat this doc, double command, pete, priya with my f2p team, see for yourself how useful angel is for attack, i know some r just jealous cus they’re helpless against her


Now try it against a Mercer lead without Doc and your doomed


Noooo! AnGeL iS nOt aN aTtAcK tOoN!


And your camp would be burned by the time you do 1 attack … You know Christa has def down active?


Here’s one against mercer, but no angel

No one said she is an attack toon, but she can do wonders against ap gain characters and u have the choice to either daze or exhaust the doc, if he either got daze resist or exhaust resist

Forgot to put sarcasm but i thought the typing that way was a hint

I’m a little bit slow against those teams especially if i’m attacking with this one, but i can literally auto with raulito, henguyen and jiafeng :wink:

Wow was that painful to watch but yes angel has uses.


Let’s see you let dale get off vs double rampage priya and splash crista lol


Why would he do that? Lol?

They’re on the way

Fell asleep

I was playing with Priya, Angel, Jia, Wangfa and Raul the other night and was watching the zombies implode before I attacked. It was very interesting. I think Jia Feng and Wangfa work well with Angel behind Priya. Haven’t tried them on human teams yet. But I’m fixing to take them into raids. Should be entertaining nonetheless.

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Shhhhh hidden meta :nerd_face:

Angel is the worst s class so far. She has such limited use its incredible people like her

No argument in there.

Uh I missed most of the video. Thay attack took so long your camp was destroyed twice.


She is better than most at least she has some use.

People are obssed as hell to counter Stevens lol. Except against him she sucks