Those weapon effects tho

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely loving the first round stuns of my entire atk team when hitting Ajax and the 5+ consecutive abs def that shield Andrea is throwing in Onslaught.

I hope that my weapon mods are as effective on defense… hahaha.

This sucks boys. Too much mod effect.

Please keep the game playable for the masses eh? That’s the point of a game after all.


But this isnt a game lol my biggest pet peeve is the rng in a fight, i can have the skills, i can spend the money, i can have the teams, weapons and mods but what matters at the end of it all, what it really comes down to is rng, if i get my team stunned, impaired, etc round 1 and they dont get stunned, disarmed, etc round 1, i lose, which is just not fun or show of skill, its a coin flip, heads you win and tails you lose


Ahem disarm.

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Devils Advocate. I have a perfect crit chance mod on my Louis. I went 2 full onslaught battles (8 attacks) without a single disarm proc.


Sometimes, RNG bends you over the prison lunch table.


Bruh why’d I get fl**ged

Rare, but not really extremely so - odds 1 out of 256 if your mod is perfect, and that’s not counting the unknown diminishing returns. So probably like 1 in 100 to go 0 for 8, if that.

I have a pretty close to perfect 46% crit chance on my michonne, with +35 on the weapon, and still can go multiple hits in a row without a crit. Can’t imagine trying to rely on her without the weapon buff

It becomes even worse durning crw so u have to buy fills

I have over 200 war cans so i dont have to spend on them, every war i hit milestones and gain more cans than when i started

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There are stun resist mods and there is toons that disarm the characters so that he can’t stun also if you stun him first with a green stun weapon Ajax’s weapon effect won’t work.

I agree that the rng sucks but that’s the game, with mods and weapons as they are theres no going back. How could they even get rid of the rng at this point?

That great for you having war cans but you missed my point completely that scoplely lowers the damage rate you deal out durning crw

I dont think they lower the damage amount you deal out during war and i responded directly to your post of

I dont have to buy fills/energy

I do however think some people cheat by spending money and getting put into a bucket where their mods and weapons work better than someone who doesnt spend and is in a bad bucket

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