Those old chestnuts again?


Can we PLEASE get:

Duel self (so we can stop annoying teammates with sub-par in development teams)

Win/loss counter in Onslaught, again to help assess our team builds

Long press to collect terro rewards!

<#> switches for when getting food from the gear markers depot, rather than one at a time!

Fix Terro crashes…

Take some tedium out of the game!


We can long press to collect terro rewards.

The rest are on point af!



Dual self would be awesome


add 1m food bags


Dueling self @JB.Scopely
Would it help to call Culver City and leave voicemail? Going there in person would be unnecessary


:open_mouth: when did that get implemented!?!


We’re slowing but surely tackling those, thanks for the recap!

Those items are well known and in our radar for future game improvements to be implemented :slight_smile:


Could have pushed some of these long and oft requested QOL requests well before some of the half baked broken stuff we’ve had recently

Just saying :man_shrugging:


This 100%. Sure it’s fun to play with others but sometimes you just wan’t to play with yourself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Long press to collect all in territories was added with version 17 in October.


Some of my faction mates only found out recently.
Think of all the time that they could of saved these past few months :joy::joy::joy:


Was fixed a long time ago

Both unnecessary :confused:

Would be nice but not a big deal


Really considering pushing for that :triangular_flag_on_post: for troll button.

No. Not for the OP.


Right in the nerve.


we know the players want this but we don’t give a fuck


I don’t think provoking the manager in an indecent Manner is going to solve the problem or get what you want him to do.


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