Those damn territories

And after a botched beheading Michonne event, we are awarded bugged territories event.

My faction lost a territory out of the blue. With more than 20k defense left. I had a team with 3 characters still alive. A friend had one with all 5 alive.

Guess we are not going to get any kind of compensation for this. Yet again territories have screwed us over. Thanks alot Scopes.

Are you talking about when the event ended? All teams, despite health or def amount, get removed when territories get closed.

(I’m only asking because you posted this shortly after territory event ended).

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No rewards here for territories

No, cause with 2 hours to go, my faction experienced the same. It’s as if, with a certain number of attacks, the territory changes hands. But I had all 3 teams still alive. Had to make a late scramble to take another territory and hold it.

Exactly what @blackmeow said.
That’s why it was so frustrating.

There has been delays as we held one health would go down but no recent attack displayed then after 5 minute we had been attack 15 times so there is a delay that should not be there

What happened to my faction is that we were kicked from the territory and with characters with full health.

There has been some instances on other days that after you get kicked from a territory there’s a delay to show the dead characters. This time that wasn’t the case. We hot kicked with characters with full health and remained with full health afterwards.

When it started we all attacked and cleared around 6000 walkers and had many teams applied and about 25 minutes in it reset back to 10000 and kicked us all out

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