This would be interesting

Why doesn’t Scopely release a “Daryl Dixon” toon? Like a 5* Ascendable Daryl??

They dont got rights to daryl, playstation does


A big-ol lawsuit is why scopely can’t make a daryl Dixon in this game.


If they could they would have by now. Probably make a killing if they released him. But they can’t.

I believe they only have the rights to the characters from the comic books and as Daryl wasn’t in the comics they don’t have the rights to him.
If you want Daryl I suggest playing walking dead: no mans land

Vetramont is right. In-game content has to stick to the comics.
It’s a good question though Quinnton!


and Novel too right ? That means we can still have Tara !

Tara is a comic charector
There aren’t any amc only characters in rts
It’s why Carl is still alive because doesn’t use anything amc storyline related :slight_smile:

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He meant novels. I don’t know if you’re aware but there’s real novels as in reading books. Most noticeably focusing on Woodbury and Lilly Caul. Tara from show used to be with the governor. She’s featured in the novels. Which already tells us the novel follows continuity with AMC and not the comic so it’s most likely a no

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This question has been asked so many times I’m surprised that there are people who still believe Scopely could do that.

The novels take place in the comic universe. In the third novel rick gets his hand cut off

Then it seems they walk a thin line. Because Tara is featured in the 3rd book. Although her surname is a little different in the show. Chalmers and Chambers i think.

The tv show characters are adapted from the novels. The novels came out first.

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