This week's Ultra Rare Gear Map!

Hi everyone!

Ultra Rare Gear map will be going out at 9PM PT tonight until 10AM PT tomorrow!

It will then come back again later this week for the leftover hours.

This is due to not having enough pins again for a new in-game event starting tomorrow morning!

I will keep you posted for when the other 12 hours will start!

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you everyone.



Good enough for me

Armory road map :frowning:

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Thank you @kalishane pls continue to let liveops or whoever can give us these maps to farm gear on a regular basis so the players that still play can progress at a reasonable pace.

It helps out a lot!!!



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So what I’m getting is… 2 ultra rare gear maps in one week?



Is it going to start? @kalishane

I’m just glad we have a map up now. Let’s get farming.

Bumping this. @kalishane, so when will this be? Need it badly.

Need elite gear map aswell (with a reasonable beanie drop rate :-/ ) got 4 stars stuck at tier 3 and a lot of 5 star stuck at tier 2 :frowning: can’t progress at all.

Thank you :slight_smile:


I’m a relatively new player. Probably around 3 months playing, so it was really hard for me to complete previous milestones. But I’m about 150k away from hitting the 500 K milestone which would get me dwights rifle in this level up tournament. Only thing stopping me… not having the URG to upgrade my 6 star character. I know its not your fault @kalishane, but its really disappointing as a customer and avid player of this game to be told we’re going to get the second part of a URG roadmap and Scopley failing to follow through.

Sadly I think you will have to either get used to it or find another game.

Thanks for the tip… I just used the search bar to look for this one because it was the thread I saw last week. Literally signed up on the forum today to post. I’ll keep that in mind moving forward though.

I think it is okay to bring it up here, since this thread has the official comment in it. And we’re still waiting for the second part of the map specified in this thread.

Good this got bumped.

Pretty sure that map was yesterday?

no we got the elite map yesterday. The ultra map was last week just prior to easter and because they were doing the easter event they removed it after 13 hrs and stated they would bring it back for the remaining time.

Won’t happen. Move on. :slight_smile:

Sadly you are right… and the original comment will be edited, so it looks like it was never said and then closed because it does nothing for the game.

Isn’t that rule meant to keep threads with outdated information from confusing people?

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Ultra Rare Gear Map coming at 10PM PT!

Runs until 10AM PT.