This weeks league

Hi there,

Was wondering if this was the week there are no demotions from your current leagues standing or if that’s next week? Thanks! @JB.Scopely

Hi @Rickygrimes

Correct, this week is the final stretch of the Season, known as the Home Stretch.

Week 8 (Home Stretch) - No promotion or demotions, and players will compete for increased currency rewards.


Yeah because the game is so reliable with all the bugs right?


Does it actually say that in game

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No clue

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Thank you.

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speaking of leagues…when will we see what next seasons toons are? also will we have another reset to the store for a week like last season? debating on whether to grab tara just to have her or wait @JB.Scopely

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I grabbed Tara. And still have so many points left over. I’ll never use her but I doubt I’ll ever run out of league points.

yeah, i may grab her, i myself will be good on league currency(if they keep toon prices the same next season) but still find myself wanting to know if im playing it correctly or not. so many unknowns in game.

Do you have a hard time reading

She’s a phenomenal attacker. I’m debating grabbing a second one. On a roll with a double attack rifle is plenty nice.

If she only had decap … she is currently worthless in this meta

Maybe good for faction assault or sr though

Bring decaps as well? Don’t know your roster but revive loops aren’t tough to crack. She’s solid. These are my main attacking teams. One for anti melee the other anti ranged.

Ummmm you have 2 decaps already :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

I have way too mant better ranges attackers for her to make a dent.

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Lol, looks like we have this week off. Thanks

Unless there’s another reset like last season, you can only buy one Tara.

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Given the holdover week there’s a decent chance they do it again. But if not no big.

Hey jb will the new league characters need special gear? If so why you do me a betray