This weekly mission

this time the weekly mission is the big shit…
if the guy just lvl up 151 and need to up to 152 for 6 days imposible
also use any type of energy 5 times and the reward is not choise one … lol


use territory + 50% exp and map world 18 - 3 , fun experience , and event Survival Road , ez EXP good luck , all in 30 min


territory +50% where did you see this ?

25% + 25% exp player… ZzZz TERRITORY …


Need spam sr over and over 80k xp a run good luck need 30+ cans

sorry i never use territory to lvl up my player and don’t know this 25 + 25 exist now i see it thanks

Or just spam refill XP roadmap you can get a lvl up easily with XP ttys.

I agree. 10 raids in a row is tough too. It’s been super easy for weeks and now this. Smh.

It can be done, took me 18 hours to do all missions.

Work smart not hard.

Check the above thread for useful tips.

As a by product of using tokens in sr events for xp:

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Fantasic job Phoenix! Well done!!:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

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Wave 3 win

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Yup, wave 3 win.

Small victories are far and few between.

I’m not greedy, take them when I can

I just leveled to 152 before missions started, now I’m 22% from 153

It’s not impossible to do it, game can’t accommodate to everyone’s schedule, if you can’t do it then just take the lose

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