This weekend was a joke

Same faction over and over and they come in and make baby accounts trying to war themselves i mean seriously. The wait time was ridiculous only to have the same factions one team with 2 of the brand new S class Pete maxed and 2 other new toons. Such a waste of a weekend. Way to stick it to your players

first time hearing this

They would get ahead and stall us by not warring trying to run the clock down as if it wasnt already bad enough fighting the same faction all weekend

Cowards way… If they were so op then they’d do it legit… Nothing but weakness !!!


I never saw a single pete and warred a lot of different factions…

What region had the pete ?

What was the toughest faction in the opposing region you faced? There were a lot of Pete’s.

Once again…i never saw a single pete…if fact, most factions we faced were quite weak…the region we faced was chatham

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Linzer and Spirit of Hawk both had a couple players with Pete. Maybe you didn’t match them?

Yea only the the biggest whales got Pete I guess.

For me personally, he fell a little short. But everyone has teams they can kill easy and teams that other can kill easy that are hard for others.

We did but i was not in those battlles.

Thank you! :+1::+1:

Definitely much less prevalent than other regions though. And not in the craziest possible make ups.

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Whales gonna spend🤷🏼‍♂️

It wasn’t a joke. Jokes are funny

Pete, negan, Mia x2 and Zach teams were annoying… also I saw Pete, negan x2 and Elle x2 teams… also annoying …

Either one S-Class and one 6* or cheating

Impossible to legitimately have two S-Class Petes

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Nothing scopely does is a joke, they make amazing games that are fair and fun for all to play.

I did yard work, laundry and cooked this weekend. Still enjoyed it more than this game :grin:

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