This weekend has reminded me

Why I’ve given up on all out war (and crw).

In the past year of wars I don’t believe I’ve been match against a single faction out of top 5 (AOW) or top 15 (CRW)… and throughout this past year I’ve been able to win against maybe one player per war. Or in this wars case, win against zero players at all…

If the matchmaking isn’t fixed soon, I’m calling it quits…


It won’t be fixed any time soon because it can’t be fixed. The only ones constantly in the queue are the top 15. Everyone else has given up in frustration just like you.


Don’t know how just this weekend reminded you of it… its pretty much every war lolololol


i’ve seen some pretty weak players this weekend

F2p needs a war of champions of its own. Other than that. Hit the nuke button.


By the time my faction got a win, we had already gotten 6 losses. This is ridiculous.

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Only thing this war has shown me is how to piss away my cans.

For the first time ever, I have given up on war.
Did enough to get first 3 milestones to grab 6 bags of Burt’s.
Think I’m done with war altogether. Never liked it but wanted the rewards… now, who cares about another Barker?

Wonder how long until I can finally give up on everything and get my life back?
Kinda thinking this Walker Hoarde thing could be enough to dull even more enthusiasm… hopefully.

I think I’m waiting on the updated wheel to see if there’s anything worth pulling for. Probably nothing useful for F2P. Maybe waiting on death.


I’m quitting this week not going to waste my time on this cancerous game where the game is unbalanced at least in this other game called Naruto Blazing you can farm for gems (in this case would be converted to coins in the twd) but that not the case scopes takes away coins from leagues and make it completely way harder for the f2p out there it all about scopley wanting the f2p to quit and when all whales are facing each other then it probably cause em to quit aswell due to if one can put spend the other

Just got to move on with my life I can’t imagine being in my 30’s+ still playing this hot load of t|^ash


My faction matched up against some weak factions Friday night and I got 75K but we’ve only gotten top 10 since then and now I’m only at 85K.

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Precisely this. Just looking at my leaderboard you can see that the teams we could beat gave up yesterday leaving only the teams we can’t beat still playing. There’s no enjoyment to be had from this for factions like ours.


That’s where this game is at. Not many mid/lower tier factions anymore. And the ones that are around generally don’t fill for war or take a very long time.

The game is very top-heavy and not driving a lot of new players to the game which I think is going to be its downfall.


What’s even worse is now all the whales are using Alice and her 15-second kill team so as if the gap between the f2p and the p2w isn’t wide enough it’s now entered into the realm of pure absurdity.

Scipley has once again painted themselves into a corner because once all the whales have the right setup in place why do they need to spend on any future premiers? To bring it from 15 seconds to 10? :smirk:

Oh, that’s right 7-stars and their inevitable reboot.


Thre’s still a huge gape between pure Alice lead offs and the autoplay Round 2 120% atk weapon offense run by all the russian gang bangers out there.

Not gonna lie. I find that kinda funny. :grin:

Still trying to find the “funny” in war that ended within 3 minutes after start.


That even after spending all that money all it takes is for a hacker faction who spent nothing to bring it down. I call it poetic justice for every time a whale faction does that to an unfairly matched up noob faction.


The most humourous bit is that people will contemplate “upping their game” (aka premiere-toon-spending) to compete.

fade to Scope execs, patting themselves on backs for job well done.


:arrow_up: 100% Truth.

It’s why they don’t eliminate hackers. They know the addicted will continue to pour as much money as needed into the game just to stay on top.

I honestly don’t care too much. If someone wants to waste their money that’s their business. What really concerns me more is just how little scipley cares for the small spenders and the free to play. The complete stranglehold on gear and Liliths unless you hit every top milestone or are in a top 8 CRW team has got to stop.

Maybe they do want everyone but the 2% to quit. Can’t say this with any actual proof but it sure feels this way.


But surely there’s a smarter way to do that, you think to yourself?

why must they sully their reputation as a game producer and annoy everyone (yes even the top 2%) ??