This Weekend Events


On the calendar for a bit now has been Faction Level Up and Faction Raid events for this weekend. I severely hope the leaks coming out are not true and it is actually a SOLO level up event instead. We haven’t had a Faction Level up in almost THREE weeks and I know a lot of people are good teammates who want to save their stuff for faction events. Please @kalishane tell me this is wrong…

Also I am not one to complain about rewards usually. I think they have actually been more then fair the past months regardless of what others might say. The amount of stuff you have given out even to free to play people has been great IMO. That being said…if the rewards that are being leaked for this are correct to put it mild…they suck. I mean PRESTIGE tokens? Please give feedback to the powers that be that prestige tokens are one step above basic tokens…seems like pretty much a 95% chance to get a 4 star character. Yay.

Please listen the community. Hell even some nice Duct Tape or a little bit of 6 star gear would be appreciated much more then PRESTIGE tokens…even the bags that you win have 5 star gear in them. I have all these shiny 6 stars please let me play with them more!


So true :+1:


It’s crazy how they don’t understand the economy of their own game. Like you, i was pretty much satisfied with recent tourneys but this is utterly disappointing. The milestones are also pretty dumb. In level up, we recently were able to get an ascendable character for 1 M and here, we’d need 1,25 M just to get some radio… I won’t play those tourneys, this is just a waste of ressources…


Anddddd it’s now definite since the event has started. SOLO level up… and the event calendar still says FACTION level up. UGH. @kalishane I realize that you have the disclaimer on there that things are subject to change…but WHY. It has been 3 weeks since a Faction level up. We do NOT need a THREE day long SOLO level up right now…

I’ve been defending a lot of stuff to people but this is rediculous.


It’s going to be a nice weekend off for me and my faction. Jump on for road maps, free energy raids, back to real life. 15 minutes every 4½ hours is much better than my current “in-game” time.


Well yet again they excel there selfs in rubbish rewards,do they think that the screwdriver event loads of people got tier 4 6* and bump the milestone to 2million I don’t think so,my region I don’t think anyone got a tier 4 from what i see on global chat,also how can newbies and people who have been on a few months expect to hit the 1st milestone,today I went scouting for a faction member as we lost one,and from what I see in the last few months since the last time I scouted are people with retired on there accounts almost tripled since last time,and one last thing do not send offers this weekend for trainers because no ones interested in spending to win such poor prizes :frowning:


I have to admit I totally agree as well. I have been grateful for the last few months and all the give aways, but the fact that VK had the correct tourney showing and scopely and @kalishane couldn’t let us know, especially seeing that we are not supposed to use VK.
It’s getting harder to look on the bright side, been playing since July 2015 and the game has improved but the rewards are getting worse. Scopely really need to try and make rewards keep pace with the player base. You have given us ascendables but then restrict us being able to level them, I’m sat eith shiva t1 lvl 12 waiting for a faction level up, been saving for weeks… how many solo lvl ups in 1 week does any player base need. Factions need to build and grow together.
Sadly disappointed


Regarding the schedule.

Please note that events are subject to change at any time. And VK will always know what the correct event will be right before it goes live because we push the data directly into the game.

If I am not present or I am unaware of any changes immediately as they go in game – the calendar will not reflect that. This is the danger of having the calendar. VK is getting their information from the game – and not from pre-planning. Since this is a live game things can change at any point in time. The disclaimer is there for a reason.

Regarding rewards, there are still a lot of discussions and changes to be had. We are working on this.

Thank you!


The point is this: your calendar could be subject to change but how can you possibly be flat out wrong about your own events???
And vk posts them for at least 12 hours ahead. Once you push game data into the game, or right before you do, can you not update you’re own calendar to be correct about your own events?
Help US help YOU!!!


@kalishane so do you tell us to trust only Vk?


Why can’t LiveOps handle the event calendar?


I find it nearly impossible to believe that you can be working on rewards, things remain as bad or worse. If you were we would have seen some improvement or something. The constant claim that these things take time falls apart when it has been literal months.


Frak raid starts in a few hours…soooo you cant change the rewards?


Raids start in 37min so I think no chance to change :frowning:


I think what we try to say is that before you put the data into the game, someone has to make the data. And i guess they dont change it from a fac LU to a solo in the last minute before it is uploaded into the game.

The persons in charge of event can easily go to this forum prior to uploading the data to the game and let us know after they make the final decision.

We all understand the subject to change disclaimer, i just think we all hoped to get the news from Scopely instead of VK.


To be fair guys, having a weekly calendar vs not having one is much better, even if it is off at times.

It may not always be perfect, but atleast it can give you a broad look at what the week will bring. You may not be able to plan your faction activity perfectly but it can give you an idea of what to expect.


or, live ops updates a calendar post immediately after uploading an event. Problem solved.


Two things come to mind:

  1. the point of the event schedule is to keep the user base updated so that we can plan accordingly (but real life and in-game resources), and;

  2. shane’s reinforcement and validation of VK (even if it’s only on the events front) will only drive more traffic to VK, and with increased impressions it will no doubt increase the chance of VK purchases.

Overall, having a schedule is great but in order to manage expectations either consider removing it completely, reduce the information detail level (i.e. instead of saying “faction” level up, just say “level up”) or, as many suggested, have live-ops update this (this takes less than a minute?) as the data gets push?

The problem with (consistent) inaccuracies is that it reinforces Scopely’s stance with this digital product: “keep surviving”. (aka we don’t care enough, but yes, we want you to login often (e.g. screwdrivers and now weapon collection drops every Wed) to push impressions to push micro-transactions to push revenue targets)


Might be a true story @MICK_DEAD_END, but the decision to turn it into a solo level up was made, and then it should be communicated to the community.

We are so tired of having 5 toons we wanna use for ages in the scav camps.

We had solo level up 4 days ago, and 10 days ago. Its to much :disappointed_relieved:


I this case it is not because people saved the Scavs and stored food and all kinds of prep for nothing. I could have pulled my characters yesterday and enjoyed survival road more, but i was saving for the faction event. Sadly i didnt check VK or i would have pulled them and used them this morning.