This wait is painful

Its killing me i BUGGIN OUT MAN

Time to go check VK


Nothing on there. Just checked hahha

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They don’t even know yet lol people hsve already been checking

Please report back asap

Kick off in 1 day 8 hours most likely?

Yeah that would make sense. Such a tease.

My giblets are h a r d

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A tease it is, but it gives the community something else to talk about. I mean of course they don’t want important things clogging up the top of the forums, like the many unanswered threads. Albert’s letters, hacking in all region’s, region merges for dying or dead regions, loot boxes not displaying odds, how can I recover my account, the list goes on and on…

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I hope hackers dont become an issue this event.

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Is there a difference between global and cross region though… ooooooooo bby