This type of box is what infuriates your base

You charge $50 for a nugget RNG box.
Deplorable enough given how prizes have been offering less and less nuggets per tourney, but to add insult to injury you place the top grab at 10k nuggets and the bottom grab at 315…

If you’re going to offer nuggets, at least offer a reasonable amount. This box is another shining example of your company first, greed always mentality.

This is why your base is quitting in droves.



Also, Apple is already enforcing their policy to disclose odds of RNG boxes in purchases. Did Scopely not get the memo? We all know it’s weighted anyway.


Is Scopely expected to follow up with Apple before a lawsuit is filed or what lol


I hope they can be fined or even better just remove them from app store, forget about getting any new suckers to waste their hard earned dollars on hot garbage.


Watching apple get in Scopely butt would be ideal. No homo.


Power to you, @Vetramont. I used to be the same for war, especially. Recent events have shifted my perspective.

Part of me is like you were for the stun gun offer. Glad they’re making it easier to not spend.

I only barely resisted dropping a bundle on the 2x Priya sales. Same with Erika.

And yeah, i feel the same about the 30 day chip. It’s weird seeing the 30 day coin pack notification in the corner of my screen. Weird, but satisfying.


They should get the memo about their bullshit from Apple by the beginning of the year

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this is a sketchy thing cause techincally everyone abusing apple refund policy is committing fraud. I have seen people brag about getting away with it also which is wrong.

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People who spends is ones who still plan to play this game including myself. I buy coins as i always have most my money goes into events. If a event is not ideal then it just means less coins i have to spend and more for the ones that are of vaule to me.

i continue to explain to people if you choose to spend its a decision you make the game isn’t perfect by any means but its still playable without spending.

Have you seen Jeff Davis?

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I don’t say what I say to my faction mates because I want to hurt Scopely or because I feel spending is wrong or anything like that.

I just hate seeing them disappointed.

If 9/10 times spending led to complete or even partial satisfaction, I’d be ok with it. But 9/10 times, it leads to bitterness and negativity. No faction leader likes seeing that from his mates.


I am not opposed to spending. I am/was in fact a pretty regular spender. I would not consider myself a whale, but again I am P13 and a day one player. I still have my google receipt from the very first $4.99 starter offer I saw. I am not opposed to people spending or even myself spending, I am vehemently opposed to these types of blatant offers designed around outrageous RNG.

Had this box offered a baseline of say 1200 nuggets or 1600 nuggets and a top tier of 10k I could see maybe the price being $49.99. Although not great value (as if anything pixel related is) at least you would get a decent amount of trainers, a (useless) robot, some food, and 2 boxes with at least bottom tier 6* gear…and a shot at some decent amounts of nuggets. If you are going to use RNG at least make the bottom tier remotely decent.

These boxes have the very real possibility and probability of you getting 630 nuggets for $49.99 and that is a travesty.


one thing us players got to understand also is scopely won’t always get it right the first time and RNG is what makes people take the gamble on pulls the unknown factor but if you feel the cost is to high on a item don’t spend on it scopely has done some crazy things but this event was a step in the right direction cause nothing on the santa wheel was without use for a 6* and stuff prizes have improved recently and gear map daily so long way to go to fix the game for everyone but scopely is making some progress. 100$ for a stun gun was a bit crazy but simply pass on it and scopely also can tell by what is purchased what is good and what is bad they test out new sales etc.

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I’ve said it previously, but it bears repeating:

Crates/bags/boxes such as these need to have a proper valuation before one decides to buy them. In this case, $50 guarantees you the non-nugget items, and the worst outcome from the bag’o’nuggets (315.) I’m not going to do the math to come up with an accurate valuation of 10x Burts and Brady’s, plus the rest of that useless junk, but I’d venture a guess that about $25 of the $50 is what people are paying for a chance at more nuggets. That is unequivocally tantamount to gambling.


Some ppl are playing this game through Google Play Store & now add Amazon to the mix. IDK of any others, but I know their getting money from Apple, Google, & Amazon. And from what’s being said in forums the Premiere Recruit’s wheel is broken. Lot’s of ppl lost out trying to get the Winter Edition characters.

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You must’ve forgot about the $99.99 more or less depending on where you live Trainer’s offer that came out before the Stun gun one.

Did not forget, there is already a topic on that doozy.

$$$$$ The squeeze is on!


Worse yet I’m pretty sure the odds are not only weighted, but personalized per player to maximize spending.