This Three Year Anniversary Event has me thinking


I have been playing this game since day one, and have been an avid player the past three years. I consider myself f2p, although I have spent about a little over $100 on monthly passes, I have never received anything worth while from them. In addition to that, I am probably one of the few players who have never had any luck whatsoever with this game. While I’m getting sick and tired of pulling useless 4☆s and the occasional rare but useless 5☆ from premier recruits and endless 3☆ from elite tokens, I understand that rng is a part of the game. Whether or not I have never pulled a groundbreaking toon to help me stand out as a dedicated player due to extreme unluckiness or just being unfavored by Scopely algorithms, I accept that games require rng to maintain balance and interest.

Looking at my roster however, I’m realizing just how much being a f2p player with bad luck has impacted me. The only 6☆s I currently have, and 6☆s because there is absolutely no way to compete with 5☆s now, with the exception of shieldchonne or Priya, which I have never been able to obtain with my horrible luck with rng, are the guaranteed 6☆s that I have earned through guaranteed events and countless attempts at ascension. Toons including Dwight, Wyatt, Eugene, VIncent, Abraham, etc. Its getting harder to compete when every single event favors those who p2w or have amazing luck.

Anyways, I appreciate Scopely’s attempts in the past to maintain consistent balance between the f2p and p2w and I get that it is a hard thing to do, but this event is a real kick in the gut to me as a f2p player. This even clearly caters more towards the p2w and/or lucky players, two groups I do not associate myself with, and not to the hardworking or dedicated players like a Three Year Anniversary celebration should be.

Even aside from the Anniversary event, it is sad to see how much this game in general has become a cash grab. I’m getting tired of seeing the same “Special Offer” and “Just for You” “DEALS” over and over. This is also the only game I know of where it is almost the norm for people to be able to spend $50 to $100 dollars to get absolute garbage.

With all of this being said, I am not trying to gain sympathy in anyway nor chastise p2w players, I wanted to voice my frustrations and make add my voice to the many that want to see a change in this company that we have supported for so long. As dedicated players, we should be better rewarded for the work we put in. Not a chance for a reward for the work we put in, and not a reward for how much money we put in.

@JB.Scopely, I hope you see this, and if you do, I hope you see it with an open mind and take this into consideration when talking to the team.


i was in the same boat as you , never had a good pull and it sucked i have been playing for kore than 2 yesrs and i wasnt lucky until last tokev event when i pulled an erika , statistically you will ge lucky eventually with a good pull.

Regarding competition you can still do alot with ftp toons , my attack teams are all ftp and i take down the likes of double shields and triple revive teams, i am ftp and i am ranked 29 in my region , sure you dont have alot of options when raiding but it works


I’m not complaining because people pay more to get more benefits. This is a game and I understand that there are people that have to do this and that this is a good source of income for Scopely as a business. But the fact Scopely chooses to cater to these players more often, especially for this specific event is what disappoints me. I guess its just the extent of how Scopely’s greed over how much they care for dedicated players is what bothers me.


If I may ask, what kind of teams do you run? I’ve worked pretty hard with what I have to be in the top 50s for my region as well. However, my team is usually just barely enough to get through most raids, selectively of course, but not enough to defend anything lol.

I’m also curious because the second issue I kind of touched on was horrible rng. P2w players definitely have an unquestionable advantage, but having good luck can help some close the gap imo.


I’m not sure how to quote you back too lol, but its hard to have separate attack and defense toons when we don’t have a lot to work with. As of right now, there are only 13 guaranteed 6☆s you can have right now, and I can list them out if you want me to.

Also while I agree with your second point that paying players can pay to beat rng, I disagree with you when you say luck does not have anything to do with it. I think luck has if not everything, a lot to do with it. Yes a f2p and p2p have the same “chance” with the same 40 pull. However it is possible for any one of the two players to have a better outcome than the other.


Sure, here are my teams
Ranged vs ranged ( erika magna teams)

Low damage melee teams , carl koa jesus teams

Blue carl/ blue garettt teams / lee and heavy blue teams

Situational low damage ranged heavy defence ranged teams


Ooh some of my teams look very similar to yours so I can see how they work, however just to emphasize a point in my original post, luck still played quite a factor in your teams. MIrabelle and Shiva were only available through wheels, and some toons are only available through luck with ascension, and to a lesser extent the supply depot. Your Rick team is probably the only guaranteed team that every single player can have if they played during each event.

But again, your teams are awesome from a strictly f2p standpoint.


If luck doesn’t exist, how does one obtain a Mirabelle and Tyreese? Sure they handed out Mirabelles like crazy during an event once but it wasn’t a guaranteed chance. And for Tyreese, how do you get him if doesn’t ever show up in your supply depot?

Not trying to be rude, but I really just want to make sure that my point gets across clearly. And as a matter of fact I myself have been fortunate enough to have obtained both of those toons, but I know that cannot be said for everybody.

Also, I’m not asking for a 100% equal playing field between p2w and f2p. But maybe just a little more love for us dedicated players. Something not based on rng. And something to keep us with them.


thats ironic coming from Jesus.


Also this is where I strongly disagree with you. I’m not entirely sure how dealing with rng doesn’t involve luck. And if you don’t believe that luck is a factor, would you agree with the statement that rng is kinder to some players over others?

And I’m not sure what you mean with chances, odds, and basic math. You could roll a die a hundred times and possibly never roll a 6. Yes its a slim chance, but its possible that you never roll a 6. We don’t know exactly how the wheel works, but I’m almost 100% sure that MIrabelle and Tyreese specifically don’t become guaranteed after a specific number of pulls.


Ok, I’m kind of understanding your argument for whether luck exists or not, but I don’t think that THAT really pertains to the point I was trying to make in my original post. Sure luck and chance are not the same thing but they are closely related to each other. Whether or not you believe luck exists, the fact that all players will not have the same outcome due to rng exists and Scopely should limit when rng factors into our rewards. Especially in events like this anniversary event where many of us may only get one pull.

Also, have you ever learned about statistics? I still don’t see how anything pull related can guarantee you anything. Stashes can get you a guaranteed toon when the chances of getting something are impacted by each pull… Actual wheel pulls are not impacted by previous wheel pulls unless you consider the “pull 40 and get a guaranteed 5☆” impacting results.


I always think I have bad chance on here but that is with pulls. I’ve got most of the 6s and 5ascendables that you could get from tourneys/rewards. My son on the otherhand gets all the luck/chance with pulls lol.


This just proves his point that as long as you’re a ‘‘standard’’ (F2P) person you can’t really expect anything.
It doesn’t matter if you’re playing for 3y and have helped facs/members grow, have helped the game stay a bit more active in your region. Doesn’t matter if you’re a part of every new event, have collected every toon from roadmaps, have competed in war since it started and so on and so forth.
The game could easily provide a way for EVERYONE to get these F2P toons. (SAME WAY WE GOT ROSITA SANDY VIKTOR YUMIKO). This isn’t new, this is something they should’ve done before.
Also, they’re the ones who speak about ‘‘PLAYER 1ST ATITTUDE’’ yet no legacys.
I completly support every mad player out there cuz this game is made to frustrate like a casino would.

PS I wouldn’t wait around years in a line for a chance at a rollercoaster. :v:t3:


Just those in the que are sure of what they are getting, the rollercoaster will not suddenly change into a ferris wheel. RNG is a big factor and unless u can do 40 pulls(which more or less guarantees u a 5* and a good chance of a ascendable or 6*) you are pretty much fcked as f2p. It’s not as if erika will some day become up for grabs.


Also shield magna 2 times?
No but it means u have been just extremely lucky. You know damn well that not even 5% of f2p will get erika.


Googles definition of luck: success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.

You’re right, you don’t need Erika to make a good team, but having her makes it easier to make a good team.

And yes this game does heavily rely on strategy. However strategy can only take you so far if you constantly get bad outcomes from rng or if you choose to not spend. Also, when scopely rewards your attempt at strategy with rng (which is most likely gonna have a bad outcome), its almost makes it not worth it.


Thats a whole other discussion. I never said f2p should suck. With dedication people can save up for 40 pulls, win 6* in events etc. Im just saying that the majority of f2p will not get premier chars. You said they will but it takes time.


The problem here is that he got lucky with 2 erika’s and now thinks everyone could be as lucky as him in the future. If he only pulled trash he’d be on the other side of the table like the topic starter.

Btw, I’m not totally f2p myseld and got some premier characters.


I definitely agree with you, however somethings tells me to either not buy the 2 Erika thing or the f2p thing, but I could definitely be wrong on that.

Also no worries if you’re not totally f2p. I have spent a bit more than I should have looking at the results of my spending, and I feel like some of the points from my original post can carry into the spending side too. I understand that some people have more expendable funds than others, but with how Scopely values themselves and their product, I bet even people who spend are offended by both outrageous prices and horrible rng. Especially outrageous prices for horrible rng. But that’s a whole nother topic lol.

Loyalty and work extend to those who do pay too.


Exactly this. In my opinion this was a great example of what Scopely managed to do right. Have the players work towards a goal and then let them choose the reward that best suits them. The toons offered were not necessarily groundbreaking toons by any means, but they’re definitely enough to help out f2p, and maybe even non f2p, players. Although, many people were offended seeing Yumiko there (who I managed to not pull yet), it’s still definitely a step in the right direction.

I just really hope we see something like this again, and hopefully more often. It’ll be disappointing if this is a one time thing.