This stealthily sneaked past

It smels awful too
Haven’t seen worst shits produced by Mexican food they look totally normal compared to this stash


Fk that stash lol


9,500 coins for a chance at a gauranteed ascendable. Of course, you know it’ll be Abe, Shane or Barker rather than Erika or Connie

Oh fuck…

You think there the bad ones
Ya know fkn Green neagans there
Abe has use and is severely underrated to be fair
And barker looks god like toons compared to green neagan

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I’ve got those three and they have their specific uses, but none are worth anywhere close to the investment this stash might take to get the purple tokens

As for Green Negan, I haven’t had the pleasure of being disappointed at ascending him yet

Don’t even bother lead skill is good but
After that yeah
Hes just not good

Why they didn’t make his leader skill for melee idk. And 600 maim damage is just useless. Should of been 1k damage then maybe he might of had some use. :weary:

Better if instead his maim increased over time because I m not gonna lie maim for how it works does affect bonus hp
But why does he have crit for no reason

Another good point. His 5* had hemorrhage so it made sense. But useless on his 6* version. All round bad toon. Just my luck I pulled him on a 10 pull and not Bruce lol

If hemmroahe had a 2 varient it be awesome
Just like 300 bleed that worsens
Would make recover bleed useful
But it work well against 6* imo

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Got 5* Abe.

Sad sad day :sob:

Just wanted a non dupe…

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Ouch you got Scopley’d. Hope that didn’t cost too much…

Oh man that hurts, i feel your pain bro :cry:

Remember when you could get a epic ascendable for 2M in lvl up milestones?

That was fun they should do it again

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