This stash is weird

I usually expect leaked s classes to be released not this ass character. The stash should be f2p friendly. Instead of this offer only shit.

So her name is Sheila. I have she’s from the leak with daiyu and others Or she’s just a made up s class. (So is it p2w only or f2p)

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and to be honest, she is not worth it :sob: and might be the worst s class ever

She should back to the couch

she just need sleep and eat ginger breads :sob:

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A lacerated with revive isnt junk let’s be real.

Polish_20191204_123535970 true idea of scopely

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Doubling bleed and reviving is good.

Stun and bonus hp toons. Any toon that impair or confuse with a bonus hp annoying.

Totally P2P my friend, at least there not selling S-class toons :thinking: or are they

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