This stash = face-palm


Its nice to see josh being made ascenndable finally… But I don’t think anyone’s gonna spend on him since I can sacrifice four stars and get him from ascendence for free surely guys I feel you spend on this stash your wasting money on a toon you can get free hes not the best 6* in the world but he does do a 100% heal reduction and look bad ass it’s a actually a ok upgrade to a what was decent 5* who became dogpoop


Nope keep him there lel… Hes not premier worthy as a 6*


I don’t see what the issue is. If people want to pay for the stash, let them.


No m not bitching I’m just advising if you want him save your coins you get him from ascendence I honestly like the stashes with ascenndable 5* but I don’t want people wasting money they can get free :slight_smile:


The amount of notification icons you have is making me twitch.

When was the announcement? i missed it.


does someone have his card handy and can post it? i forget what Joshua does as a 6


People, wanna spend let them, you don’t have to his 6 is quite good



thanks yo


That was what I was just thinking after having seen, what Alpha can do behind Dwight.
At first I was a little upset, that they have not started with Glenn. Now I’m really curious. Got 2 Joshuas. One maxed, one untouched. Hmmm. :laughing:


When is this stash happening?


If 6* Connor has a leader skill of what I think it’ll be, I can make a nice crit Fast team.


But stashes gives you a guarantee to receive Joshua, to get him from ascendance you have to use a load of resources to max out a fast 4*, then use 8 more 4* as fodder for a ‘chance’ at Joshua & if you don’t get him you’ll have to start from scratch.

I won’t waste coins on this, but if people want to guarantee getting him, let them.


Got him from ascendancy a few about 1 1/2 months.

Don’t rag on the stash, remember how long we had to wait after Shane?


barker + 4 joshua f2p from ascendence all with 40 critical + 30 atq = next f2p winning team


His attack is pretty low for a damage dealer. I like his toon otherwise. Recover stun for melee is always welcome.


I quite agree with the fact that his role shouldn’t be “damage”. I think it should be “support”, since he wouldn’t be making it onto an attack team purely based on his attack.


Haha I read that as hard candy

Oye, I need more coffee


I was thinking that too. Could splash the blues. Can’t double attack like Alpha though. Bummer.


Just got 2 of him ascending yesterday