This should not happen

This is something that should not happen. Every round I had someone being stunned by an attacker. Michelle was stunned round 1. There is no stun when being attacked there and no stun on attack. Koa has AP down so not a chance he was stunning anyone on attack. Teams are hard enough to beat when RNG goes against you but this was just wrong. Can someone tell me how a team of blues are stunning me every round?


Probably this


Not on turn 1 and definitely not 2

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It’s sherry’s active, turn 2 cool down stun.

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Yep. Definitely sherry since the picture you show has her AR full so that’s not turn 1.

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There is 1 turn left of the stun, and the AR levels in the photos imply that it must be turn 3 or four suggesting that the stun was applied on turn 2 or 3. Whilst I am not saying you didn’t get stunned turn 1, your screenshots imply that Sherry used her active skill on a turn where she would have legitimately been able i.e. your screenshots do not suggest there is a bug.


I see elusive on at least 2 toons. Magna has elusive in her AS but that is only to herself. Holly provides elusive to all but herself in her rush. So if she had time to rush then Sherry had plenty of time to use her turn 2 active skill to stun 2. Unless I’m missing someone else has elusive

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No I took the pic turn 3 when I was wondering why I was stunned turn 1 and 2 . First thought koa had a stun cause he didn’t shield turn 1. All 4 hit Michelle 1 and she was stunned. Her active popped turn 2 and Donnie got stunned.

It most likely didn’t happen turn 1, but it happened on their turn 2. Sherry’s active stuns 2 turn 2…

The game is glitchy but not that glitchy.


Best way to see for sure what it is is get a video of it in action

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It know it’s glitchy enough that I had a green Carl use his active skill and revive a team mate. The bugs that are deep in the code are not always the glaring ones. But the occasional (WTF!) Ones are the ones that bother me. It’s just a lack of proper play testing before each new “improvement” goes live.

I personally haven’t had anything like that crazy happen, but Carl’s AP gain could allow others to use revive AR, or he kills someone with a revive katana. I know that those are different situations from what you described, but it lies a possibility in human error.

Of course video evidence is best.

Naw I checked his weapon. It was a stun on attack and he was the last one left. He used his active revived Ty who revived shield jeebs. There was no one else that could have pulled off that miracle. But only time I seen that one.

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