This Period Timer Needs to GO!



Reduce the time frame to maybe 20 minutes or less…So we can get through more onslaughts…& most importantly, so we’re not out here twiddling our thumbs for free.



It’s there so others get a chance to attack.


If you need more time for an attack…Thats your problem…Get your shit together…You’re holding everyone else up.



Not everyone can be on within a 20 minute time span.


Not everyone can be on within that god awful hour & something time span…Whats your point?



But how many more people are gonna be on within an hour than they would in 20 minutes or less?


me, when i am at work and have meetings, am thankful that i have a 90 minute window to get my attacks in. if you are glued to your phone 24 hrs a day, that’s your thing. I am not, and i like the timing on this lackluster event.


I leave the ladies to worry about THAT time :smirk:


You’re gonna strain your neck with all that head shaking. Calm down


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