This Offer Is Special Alright


I bought all of them because I like Long Coats. Winter is almost here.

Hint of sarcasm


Honestly most games are free and you pay to stop the pop ups, here theirs no way to stop it every couple of hours a new one pops up often interrupting what you are doing .
I never look at the offer page as i know there all over priced. If you do offers look at doing one a day and perhaps week long ones ,not for 2hrs we all know there gonna be around like clockwork after they expire for another 2hrs
I think the best way to do this if you are instant on offers is look at a game like portal quest, i ended up downloading this to get free coins for here and appreciated the way they did stuff like purchasable content. When you log on they give you an offer and explain what it is, (so i.e here duct tape bundle) they then leave an ico in the bottom right of the screen and a +1 symbol may apear if a new offer comes in it doesnt pop up, if you want to look you can if not you can leave it.
This icon also had news on upcoming events ect on separate pages with offers being first 2 pages which is something that could work here, there was nothing more annoying than mid war just before you try for a tower at the start for you to click and a pop up for trainers appear


Basically does the amount of GUARANTEED GOODS equate to an amount of money i am willing to part with, typically not especially for in game items such as gear or tokens the prices are easily 5x or worse than what they should be worth especially when it involved RNG. Players understand RNG by now and know 49.99 or whatever price you slap on it for the chance at the 1 desirable item out’ve the whole lot will just end in regret 99% of the time.


The problem is markering something for 100$ that is way overpriced to grab 1 customer (suckers) vs selling it at 10$ and having 15 customers. The guy’s building these offers don’t appear to understand this concept and you are losing out on money because of it. I am not sure they even play the game which is why these offers are way off the mark.


Number 1 price

Number 2 is the top item worth the value.

I mean come on. What’s the player (not scopely) value on

1 pull at the wheel of misfortune for nearly $30…


$28 for one pull at a wheel, 500 drivers, and 500 elite item tokens.

First, a player isn’t guaranteed anything of substance at all.

A legendary token pull is most likely to result in a couple of long coats or NVGs, which anyone who grinds generally keeps a minimum stockpile of 20 pf each of these. Why wouldn’t they if they’re trying to get Bags and talkies from ultra great maps, and they already have 50 belt with holsters? So odds are, one pulls something worthless.

Drivers can be had for free from the roadmap, but if one was behind and the roadmap was done, it would still be only one third of a pull, which we’ve established has ridiculously low odds.

Elite item tokens again come over time, and rarely result in anything more than a gas mask or a camp stove, which we have even more of than long coats. this offer only gives a quarter of what one needs for that crappy pull.

How does one justify the expense of a pack like this? There is only the slightest chance it will have a positive impact on the state of the game.


Also I have a quick question. Why is the prestige points less than buying coins on all these crazy overpriced offers?


Shane, it’s $28 for one legendary gear pull, enough screwdrivers for 1/3 of another pull, and enough elite item tokens for 1/4 of a pull. The odds on the legendary gear event were not great, I did 10 pulls on the prize wheel and received only 5* gear that i can farm for free on gear maps and already have an abundance of.

In other words, it was a $28 offer for items and tokens that any half serious player could farm an equivalent amount with no effort. I’d rather spend $28 on two 30 day passes than on an offer that only includes items I can easily get for free. That is simply not good value for my money.


While the whole milk idea is a good one it lacks the most important issue with said offer. I am not buying a token that may give me a chance at milk. Guarantee is always good… But this game is such a gamble that I would swear Scopely is based in Las Vegas in a condo of a casino hotel.

And they have more pop ups for offers than old porn sites.


I posted about this on the old forum, you guys have a terrible concept of value. These offers are gambles, most of us don’t want to gamble, we just want to buy something. Most offers never feature a guarantee or when they do they are waaay overpriced. The energy bags for example, there’s a chance for a deal, there’s also a chance you spend 225 on a can that normally costs 200, f that action. You charge exorbitant prices for things we get in game free with a little bit of work or even none (Boobie prize like nitric oxide in offer bags).


Dude I used to love dokkan battle until I couldn’t pull any of the ss4s now I don’t play it just keep collecting stones until Int gogeta comes out.


Overpriced and aggressively advertised. These offers don’t portray any semblance of the player first attitude promised to us 3 months back.

Reduce prices for EVERYTHING. Make offers that aren’t deemed as offensive. Remember the game is about the mid range spenders and f2p as well as the whales and maybe you would convert some of those f2p in to occasional spenders.

For the love of god allow us to block offers after we have viewed them once and stop making them pop.up during war


I agree 99% of everything is vastly overpriced. I am sure if prices are lowered to something more reasonable, people would spend. I know of other games that for $6.99 you can get a boat load of items and coins/resources. Often i see packs for 49.99 for a chance at maybe 6x 3* or 4* trainers. When in reality you will most likely pull the lowest denominations possible. Also almost nobody is gonna spend 69.99 for 1 of elite/ultra rare gear. I honestly wouldn’t pay that much to t4 a 6*.


I know this even is over but just a quick summary of the “value” of this offer

1,500 tokens = 1500 screwdrivers
Offer gives equivalent of 2000 screwdrivers. I can farm 2000 screwdrivers from the long roadmap with 2 world energy cans ( value 200 coins each).

Elite tokens (value next to nothing let’s say 20 world energy = 1/4 of a can = 50 coins) drop from the event roamaps as well as world maps and 9/10 times give a Burt.

1000 prestige personally I don’t care about due to the amount needed to reach prestige 11/12/13 and the minute difference in rewards for reaching said prestige levels.

Total value of items received for $27.99 = 450 coins

Coins package in shop for ~$27.99* = 1830 coins**

Does that about sum up why it’s seriously not worth it??

*an approximation based on my shop which is in English pounds (£)
** based on one 1500 coin pack (£19.99) and one 330 coin pack (£4.99) total cost £24.98 - closest approximation to $27.99


lets make almost every offer coin base making it cost more well done