This Offer Is Special Alright


This offer is very special…lol


Yea I don’t even read what the offers are anymore. I just hit that “x” as fast as I can.


Special enough to get you a special lab coat with your name on it, that you might have 100 of already!!!


$28 for that… just shows how wrong Scopely continues to do these awful offers


Just to help me with context. What is it specifically the feels awful? How do you come to the decision whether or not an offer is good?


At least it didn’t pop up right when you were about to take a tower


28$ to get 1500 legendary tokens which you can get by farming screwdrivers and you get elite tokens too, prestige points aren’t useful if you are years away from levelling up, so yeah. This offer shouldn’t be there


Lets just say. I wouldn’t be down to buy a walkie school bag with 1x of each of the ultra rare gear with 2x basils and 500k in food for $99.99. How bout 5x walkies and schoolbags for $10 with 6x of each piece of the other gear. I think that would be better.


97% of the offers are greedily overpriced. The nonstop pop-ups are annoying and there should be a way to opt out.


Do to my ageing eyes I use bluestacks when at home. I noticed the other day if I’m not connected to the google store, etc that the offers stopped. I will be testing this more when I can.


RTS is 95% about farming on auto and these things are farmable. Prestige points are irrelevant.

The only good offers are the ones with cheaper coins, epic crates (outdated nowadays) and that’s it. Everything else is about ítems that are farmable and WAY overpriced. Even for a lazy person it’s not worth it.


The only offers that would truly be “special” would be coins offered at a discounted price. To echo the sentiments of several others, offering any items that can be farmed, even if it is on road maps (infrequent as they might be), is not “special” or a deal in any way.


To help constructively value this offer (should help @kalishane feedback), we can translate to a common currency.

I’ll ignore the 500 Elite tokens and 1000 prestige as the value of that is negliable (happy to argue it out if challenged :slight_smile: )

1500 Legendary tokens takes can be gained by earning 1500 screwdrivers:

As the collection can be completed 100 times that doesn’t really form a limit. So that essentially puts the offer at 2000 screwdrivers.

2000 screwdrivers at rough drop rates of 6.5 screwdrivers per energy (my rough drop rate with a single large drop lead and no helper) can be earned with 307 energy. At my level (112) that is just over 4 cans worth not counting any natural energy regen so lets call it 5. So 2000 screwdrivers can be earned with 5 cans which can be purchased at full price for 500 gold.

Of course 700 gold can be purchased for about $9 dollars (varies depending on country).

Hope this shows why the original poster was citing poor value - even if we take grinding time into account you are paying over 3 times the price to save an hour maybe twos worth of grinding.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for the feedback and info regarding this.

Helps put things into perspective for me. I don’t purchase these myself – mostly just pulls.

I believe they’re always iterating on these to see what is determined as valuable based on what players are going for.

I’ve been looking into how we could offer turn-off option @LeeRussell – would just require a bit of programming. Do you know of other titles with offers that allow this option?


When you go to the store for a gallon of milk. And let’s say it’s normally 3.50. But you see it’s on sale 2/5.00. You think “Oh, good deal, I’ll buy 2!”

But at Scopely-Mart the milk is 1/17.00. BUT it includes a snickers bar, four cotton balls and a trial size tube of Crest toothpaste.

You wanted milk. And milk on sale in bulk is great. But milk with a bunch of other (not particularly appealing) stuff isn’t a great value to you.

Scopely’s valuation of their products, apart from characters, is insanely inflated @kalishane , which leads to unbelievably terrible offers for perceived “value”.


I don’t really play a whole lot of other games currently, so I can’t be of much help here other than to say I haven’t experienced a barrage of offers like this in any other game I’ve played in the past.

I guess what I meant to say was, do one or the other. If Scopely is going to keep doing these offers at the current rate, allow us to turn them off or make a hide button or “don’t show this again”. If not, just calm down on the offers. We don’t need to see 3-5 offers daily.


Thanks! I understand. Was just curious.

All the ones I’ve been checking on our brutal when it comes to pop ups. Ours hasn’t affected me like those.


I don’t mind being blasted with offers so long as they are -good- offers.

99.99 for 9900 coins (not all the time of course)
9.99 for 700 gold+benedict
7.99 for 6 survival road cans + 5 of each trait revive (great value when new but diminishes over time)
7.99 x 20 world energy


check out DBZ: Dokkan Battle They keep their offers which are just as bad as this company’s offers are, cept they place theirs in the top right corner of the screen and just sit there till someone stumbles upon them.

Plus they dont constantly pop up offers either when you first turn the game on or play for a bit then another offer pops up.



This is exactly what its like, except while walking down the aisles, a ton of bright flashy signs are everywhere