This nightmare SR is making me realize I really need melee revivers and healers

I rock red and blue stages but get owned on melee or green/yellow only stages.

Are there any specific S class or 6* I could get at this time to boost my non-PvP (PvE?) teams?


Green Herschel (life or Death) 6 star - he is available in Elite Tokens and I think in 5 star tokens (?) he does revive one with his rush which is also reasonably quick. I quite like Herschel and use him quite a bit.

Yellow Guardian Rick also has a revive but I dont have him and cant vouch for his effectiveness. He can be a pain in the butt on a raid defense.

I have Hershel and Solange for revivers, but not yellow at all.

Guardian Rick could work if I put him with a good lead, just need to be able to get him somewhere.

Aarav is the best sr character no question


I have him, just got him ascended, working on leveling him up.

But other than guardian Rick who can revive or heal well?

I have Andrea from SC trial but she’s T3 only and I don’t subscribe

Laopo can neuter the human stages so wont need revive

Do I need her s class or just 6 star? Cause I have one of her 6 star but maybe I’m just not using her right

My favorite is Ivette, Violet is also a good healer/active reviver

These are the 2 I use too. Hershal drops so often from tokens now that I have 4 of him but only 1 Ascended and maxed, actually thinking about ascending another since you use all of his actives fairly quickly in Nightmare. Also thinking about ascending Gabe for the same roll. Atm I’ve been using Margret 5star who is absolutely excellent for walker stages. She is also actually good on mixed stages as long as you can make sure that by the last walker all your team are ready to AR when the humans come up so that she doesn’t die.

GS Rick is absolutely excellent for both human and walker stages. Make sure you keep using his AR and he will beef up all of your toons with so much extra hp over 2 or 3 waves. Not a healer but it’s worth mentioning that Yellow Yumiko is one of the best yellow 6 stars for walker levels and is also good in buffing her team against humans. Yellow Command Maggie is another good healer.

I can name a lot of toons but, to play SR you need to improve your crit power. I don’t have a large roster, but I have solid crit weapons and some 36% crit leaders like Dwight for ranged and Duane for melee teams. Not to mention some special pieces like Mike from war wheel who help me a lot with his camouflage.

S-Class James is amazing on walker and human stages

For Fast teams I use Barker for lead, Guardian Rick, Gator, Shiva Force Zeke and Yvette. All relativel ftp characters. With crit on everything generally by the time zombies get to you, you have one round with everyone guarded, and if your still not clear gators rush gives you another turn with no hits.

Even on levels with humans at the end you normally have 200% health from Yvette by the time you get there.

I only have 6* Aarav so far, and he is a bit weak on later levels. S-class probably rocks though.

For Green… That im still working on! Lol.

Brianna is the queen of sr

I can: he’s very effective. Top tier SR toon, highly recommended, especially if you can get Abs Def on him. Not optimal as a revive though, because he can only do it twice.

Yellow revives are a bit thin, if you can get Lydia or Tyreese, they should help a fair bit (pair Lydia with a real healer). Green is a bit better, and you can give them stun weapons which helps out a lot.

Aarva is 1 man army am very lucky i went for him. he can rush 3 times in 1 turn with commond super beast

A lot of love for rick but I prefer guardian glenn over him for zombies.

I have the 6* as well (AR only halfway though) and found her somewhat underwhelming on SR. Stoon version should be much better, especially on auto teams.


Yes yes ,you need one, a premier one. Here a new promo xD

Only bad thing about Guardian Rick is that on auto he wastes his revive active skill (which he can only use twice) to gain AP

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