This New Threat event is boring


They hyped it up to be the most epic event of all time, but its really not. Instead of putting out crappy solo events with crappy rewards, Scopley could have included tokens and New Threat prizes as the prizes and milestones and people would have participated, but no they didn’t do that.

Moreover, to make things worse, they refused and thought it was all right to release a new roadmap for plastic parts every Wednesday, for six weeks, for a chance at unique weapons for 25K world energy can parts each, ranging from 25-500 parts a pop. This right here is ridiculous, and should be out daily. Most players won’t even get to 25K pieces due to work and real life responsibilities regardless if event is 42 days of nothingness. World energy can parts should have been dropping in raids this weekend, but no LiveOps is too lazy and only care about money. I nearly got a migraine farming all night, and I don’t blame users for using VK cheats to speed up their progress for 24hrs.

Furthermore, the token wheel part of this event is ridiculous too, and should have been prizes too. Just like the crappy Legendary Gear event, most will only get crappy 5* gear out of it unless you’re really lucky to get a toon and 6* gear.

Thirdly, the weapon parts for Dwights gun should be farmable, but I’m not going to rant about that because it’s going at a rate it should unlike the others where you have to wait a week to try to gain up to 5K plastic parts a pop or more.

Lastly, hopefully War can change my opinion on this crappy event, if New Threat tokens, plastic parts, and weapon parts are apart of the rewards and milestones. If not, then the hype wasn’t worth it. Only thing that’s hype about this event is the featured toons they’re promoting.

In summary, this is my thoughts of how I feel about this event thus far, and others can agree or disagree if they like, but I have a feeling that most will agree with me because it’s hard to disgree with this. I just hope LiveOps gives us something fun to do because sitting here waiting on a new roadmap every week is boring as Shiite. War rewards has to compensate for these ridiculous crappy solo rewards, so come on LiveOps get off your lazy butts and listen to the community. Nobody wants farmable gear or tokens as rewards. :joy:


So far it’s not really an event. Oh well.


It is an event. What are you talking about? Lmao


You guys do realize we are getting an entire new gameplay mode and event in a few weeks right? That will be a huge part of this event.


The Negan in a Tank feature isn’t even apart of A New Threat. It’s a separate faction featured content.


2 roadmaps and a token is an event? You have mastered low expectations.


Its not just negan in a tank it’ll be more then that and it will come in the middle of new threat…it will be event related Lol.


Well like I stated above, this event is boring a shitte right now, and only awesome prizes and sub events in it will change my mind about it. Other than that, this is where I stand. :sweat_smile::+1:


It’s boring for now till they put out more roadmaps for grinding if they let grinding happen. Looking at the Dwight part of the museum, it looks like in my eyes that that will be the grinding aspect to get all those pieces to unlock new epic Dwight. Hopefully that 4* negan will be Ascendable to a 5* and a 6* for that glorious 600 base dmg ar *cough *cough weak cough 3 Otis ar *cough *cough.

Think I need to take some medicine for this cough of mine.

So sorry everyone :frowning:


Although I appreciate the event and the potential goodies (I got romanov from 100token pull, so that was cool). They need to stop making events that are spread out over a month but then locking the maps. You are NOT fooling anyone Scopely when you do this, this doesn’t magically make the event EPIC or something. Your just making a event take longer than it needs to be.

At this point I think people would rather have grinding maps (well some people might not want them) over the long period of time than to just lock the maps and have them sit there. I mean at least we have something to do while the event is going on.

I have completed all the things I can do for the event and am just doing normal stuff I would usually do, as if the event isn’t going on.


The event just started. It’s like judging the success of the olympics by the opening ceremony.


Sure, if they did the opening ceremony, held 3 events and then did nothing for a week


Yes it started and boring, and no it’s not like judging an Olympian because an Olympian gets treated better than Scopley players. Plus the Olympics are fun to watch, and you don’t have to wait hours or weeks for the next round. Lmao


Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize this was a place for the complainers to hang. Carry on. :slight_smile:


Hopefully by starting it… slowly… they will finish with a bang.

Some really good tournaments with excellent prizes, a super hard top tier ascendable item roadmap, and Ulysses for all!



I wouldn’t hold my breath on any of that.


@Lewin, a girl can only dream.


I truly hope your life improves. :slight_smile:


yep waiting 3 plus days for a pull is boring no events besides solos within them locked days are fucking boring


no tokens from events no 6 star gear no gun bits for millstones whats next?