This new promo can actully get us lydia or is a bait?

Guys is this new promo actully a chance to get lydia? or is like last promos that put a nice toon like magna in the cover

and people never get her actually

It would say “Lydia” not “Leader skill” if it was a Lydia Promo


Perfect timing to release survivor club so I can get the four stars :joy::joy:

Many of the 5* they have tucked in there do not even have leader skill lol. Everyone gonna pull a Bruce!

Guys. It is a Lydia promotion in that she is available. She isn’t always in the wheel. Now she is. Like any promotion, she is ONE OF MANY ascendables that you could get in your 2% odds.

This is different than a “greater chances for Lydia” wheel wherein the specific toon has greater odds.


well this is new. I aint falling for it lol


All of the promos are just bait

They aren’t going to highlight a 4*. Of course they will put the most desirable toon as the face of it. They have always don’t that. But there are no increased odds for her or anyone else. Still same 1% at ANY of the 6*s shown in the wheel.

i got lydia in a 10 thanks to tapjoy soooo


Is it possible to get her? Yes.

Is it likely? Nope.


Mira en la promoción anterior donde estaba lidia (creo que fue la semana pasada). Gaste 2200 al comprar x 10 y me salio lidia5* y harlan 6*, y los otros de 4*…

Y hoy volvi a abrir 10 y ni un puto 5*, pero con la experiencia y reuniendo comentarios desde los años que llevo en el juego, te dire k es sólo sebo

Reading helps.

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Definitely is a Lydia promo (see comment above).

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Probably just as likely to land a sweet Mira or Barker.

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Fac mate did a 10 pull and got 6* lydia

Well in my case, in spanish nowhere says “increased chances” just says gotta catchem all, get lydia, go to premiers and get her


Bueno acabo de usar tambien 2200 monedas y solo obtuve 4* y 250 monedas de reintegro :rofl:

Me paso exactamente lo mismo, bueno los 4* para rastreo y ruta

I did a 10pull and got Dante instead, not disapointed this time. Last time i did a 40 pull and not even a single ascendable.

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Screw you lol