This needs to change

so I was false reported because my team is to strong for some fool and I cant get on my account for 20hours. so we should have it changed to scopely looks in to the report and if its a false report the reporter gets suspended instead I cant be the only person who agrees.

They already look into the report



They look into the report and if your account hasnt spent thousands then they give you the temp hammer :hugs: keep surviving


yeah but it aint helping the innocent players if they told me what I done wrong then I wouldn’t of posted this. and at least check the persons messages befor banning them for 24 hours its upsets me that im innocent my fraction knows im innocent and yet some saddo gets to report me and get off scott disappointed in the community abd disappointed in scopely

they do checks of messages when a report is made it is been said many times you can read @TayTron posts for the information


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