This needs to be stopped! 🛑


I’ve gone back and forth on posting this, as I try not to start threads that I don’t think people care much about. But the truth is, there’s a lot of stuff that bothers us as players, we just keep the smaller things to ourselves, while we wait for Scopely to fix the bigger ones.

For me, personally, I was very much against my screen being plastered with offer popups every 30 seconds. I spend enough money on this game already … and I know where the “Shop” is located lol. I was very pleased to see that Scopely largely put a stop to the nonstop bombardment of offers. It made the company look desperate for money, and a nuisance.

And that’s why I am writing this today. Because there are several other nuisances in the game, that are IMHO put there to trick people out of their coins (let’s face it, their $$$$). It doesn’t need to be like this!! You actually make a good game! Many of us have been playing it for years, FFS!

Why resort to traps such as this one?

This is the screen that pops up every single time I go to play a stage! And No, you’re not just trying to be helpful by reminding me that my roster is full (Another bogus issue tbh), you’re pestering us to buy more roster space. You’re even trying to trick us into doing it!

I simply don’t believe it’s a coincidence that the “Team Select” button is in the same exact spot as the “Purchase more roster space” button.

Please stop the shady stuff like this. It’s not just a nuisance, having to click around that pop up after every damn stage, it’s sad … when a company you’ve personally given thousands of dollars to, is still trying to milk you for the change left in your pocket.

Besides, having that screen pop up is a total redundancy, as there’s a “Roster Full” reminder that you face when you do pretty much anything else in the game:

Anyways, I do appreciate everyone that has taken the time to read this. I also feel like I’m forgetting quite a few other instances in which Scopely tries to trick you into spending money … perhaps you can mention the ones that bother you, personally, in the comments.

This one drives me absolutely bonkers. I also hated when I would be tricked into burning a refill in war to destroy a camp (that was clearly very much alive), Just to be told the “War Ended” as soon as Scopely got my 200 F’ing Coins. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Basic Fcking Tokens…

The amount of times I’ve spent or almost spent 1k on sh!t as the open 10 button is on the left not in the middle like the other screens is unreal


You just saved me some work because I was gonna make a thread about this issue as well. Lol



And the thing is, I get that they have to put offers out there for us to buy. But there’s a different way to do these things!

For the Roster Space issue, all they really have to do is change the way it pops onto the screen lol. It’s clear to me, that they are trying to trick players into accidentally pressing the button.


Hear Hear! I despise losing coins that way. Especially on the over priced Scavenger Skip Wait.



Omg yes!! The thought of accidentally paying 1,250 coins for ten 1* weapons or toons is enough to get a person to legit rage-quit lol


450 coins… they really upmarked roster space. It was on sale once for 25 coins for that many slots.

Thats absurd to try and charge someone so much for a feature that offers nothing more than quality of life.


Lol 450 coins just for the right to keep some of the toons I’ve spent thousands of dollars on :man_shrugging:t3:


Great post. Great points.

That button is where it is for the sole purpose of snagging a few accidental purchases. We absolutely need to be able to turn off notifications. This must be the in the next update to the game. You can hit me with a deal at first launch but after that not unless I want to look them over or until the next time I restart the app. When I want to spend I will. Don’t need to be reminded every other minute.

Player’s First! Make it happen.


Now where did we hear that before… If only we’d been promised a more “player first attitude” by the CEO or someone


Lies all Lies. That never happened. You must have dreamed it…lol


I used to put up absurd numbers in like every raid tournament … Solo and Faction.

Having to stop, every 10 minutes or so, when you’re trying to speed Raid, just to spend your materials (Wood) on something, was such an unbearable nuisance. And I didn’t do it because I actually cared about losing Wood (giggity), I did it because I was trying to avoid the damn stupid “Material storage full” popup that would surface after EVERY Single Raid, and would totally wreck any type of speed-Raid rhythm you were in. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Better communicate who attacks last. Anyways, a fresh refilled 4/4 energy is converted into a can since a few updates ago.


Yes, hence me talking about it in the past tense. However, it still took years to fix the Lag issue in war, which is why the problem existed … not a lack of communication.


Please remove this. I’ve now accidentally bought 2 roster size increases by doing my normal quick farming routine. When I’m barely looking at my screen while farming at work, it’s really easy to not notice my roster is full (I don’t care if it is) and end up hitting the combination of buttons to buy the increase. 800 coins down the drain.


How very $copely of them to charge 450 coins in return for having still not enough space for the 343 toons you already hold :rofl:


Fixed it.


That’s whom I feel is being targeted … players that work hard to grind and farm while doing other stuff throughout the day. If they simply put the “Purchase roster space” button in a different spot, it instantly solves the problem lol.

I know this has been brought up before in other threads, but I’m hoping that we can create real change if we focus on the actual problem and keep requesting Scopely to fix it.


Haha that would be perfect!


Nice one!

If it were only that easy. Oh wait it probably would be but they just don’t want to do it.