This need to be addressed


Why is it that someone should be allowed to fail your defence 3 times in a row and still be able to get rep/food from you on the 4th attempt, this got to be stop. They should lose the same 25 rep and the maximum allowed food everytime they fail.


Uh, its called raiding for a reason


Yes, we all know rep is meaningless…blah blah blah.

But the op is correct. Someone should not be able to raid you 5 times. Fail 4 of them and still walk away with +1 Rep. That is just plain stupid.

If someone fails to attack you they should lose 25 as well. Cost of failure.


Because of simple math? It seems logical to me when dealing with numbers. I must not understand the issue,but if it’s how it sounds. It is working exactly as intended.


Yeah and they failed the raid so I should be able to take what they have from them, so if they have over 25 rep I should be able to take it


It is working as they designed it, but am saying they should change the design. If you are able to beat me and get 25rep when you lose I should get 25 rep. And get the sam amount of food you are allowed to take from me once you have it.


Yea i get ya, they should just change it to 24. It does seem pretty foolish that you could dominate that much and still walk away losing.


Well if a new player is to join a region and everyone steals 25 rep from them instead of 6, they will never be able to get up in the leaderboards.

The current system allows new players to grow their rep and for older high rep players to ghost.

So just GHOST


Not on an attack only on a defend. If rank 609 decides to hit someone in the top 100 and fails they deserve to lose the 25 rep. This also can only happen if they are on a team with much stronger players and foolishly try to attempt a revenge. They will normally never be matched that far outside of their own strength.

Fail a raid lose 25 rep.
Attack someone lower ranked and win you get 6.
Attack someone above you and win you get 25.
Winner gets the food and wood either on attack or defend.

Simple and fair.


Lower ranked people wont be able to properly test their teams that way.


Friendly faction raids.

Again price to pay for taking a gamble. You don’t get to fail 4 times and still walk away a winner. That’s dumb.
It’s like handing out trophies for participation.


Most low rank players dont have powerful players in their faction to test their skills on unfortunately


Suggestion: Instead of having a failed attack losing a full 25 rep on first fail. They should just make the 2nd attempt fail exponentially larger.


And participation trophies are in every event lol, 1 raid gets you in the reward leaderboard, leveling 1 1* gets you the same


This won’t change anything for attack, they would get the same amount of rep when attack.


This could work also, they could make it that the rep you lose is doubled each time you fail, but it may take more programming and scopely isn’t big on that. So a quick easy fix would be you take a gamble and lost so give me the equal 25 rep.


They get 25 rep when you are a higher rank than them, stop complaining, this has been in the game for so long.


So was the way crits worked but that’s been changed.

Life is full of change. Some good some bad. The way rep works in the game falls under the latter.


You’ve seen their track record, noteably always taking the good and making it bad.

Crits nerf, rewards nerf, guardian 2 nerf, forcing you to press apply to use faction helpers, they dont have much of a track record to make things better lol


Everything is going to change at some point that is true, but until then people need to just stop complaining and calculate how something like that would happen.