This Michelle hitting Negan should stop

Michelles AR hits 2, and wouldn’t you know it, in 99% of the cases its Payback Negan. It’s clearly coded in that weird way, every toon hitting 2 with their AR will hit Negan. Change this because it’s obviously made to be like that, and that just doesn’t seem fair.


Yep it always does☹️


Said this to JB before “needs video proof” =\


Yea every damn time for me as well

if scopes introduced a mechanic so you could choose which toons get the dmg from multi hitters it would be problem solved. even if its something like holding rush button for a moment then clicking whatever toons you want hit, once last member is clicked the rush goes off. this can allow raids/battles to be speedy but still get desired results


Noticed there SAME damn thing.

It’s just a coincidence :smirk:

Happens all the time with Tobin but I still risk it and get shredded :sob:


It’s a damn near guranteee it’ll hit payback

Is the character Tobin worth it

Thet say this for everything, @Lockdown provided proof in a video of his he just happened to catch were Michelle and/or Piper are hitting 3 with their rush, still happening :roll_eyes:

Tobin was great in his day…

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Yeah he does a lot of damage. I use Christa’s active skill on toons I want to kill then use Tobin’s rush. He usually kills Pete with ease.

It’s not just Michelle, it’s every multiattack rush toon.


Can you see if they will fix it? Why does it go straight for payback

Yep. There can be five reds with one negan… I use priya rush and even it takes two hits to kill the toon I target, the third hit will go to negan lol.

Maybe a mechanic where the attack hits the enemy with less hp.

What’s even more annoying is Christa’s waste not always going on Negan. And personally, I don’t think waste not should even trigger Payback.

Just like mods or weapon effects working 100% of the time for the opponent, but about 10% of the time for your team.

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Payback is definatly a magnet for the “random” rush attacks. Idc what they say. I’ve experienced it far too much to be coincidental.

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Definitely this. I’ve never understood why you cant select your secondary targets. Either it’s too complicated of a battle mechanic for them or they love rng too much.