This may be Obvious

But, I’m a lazy get so I’ll ask anyway.

How do you get rid of duplicate ascendable toons? I drew an extra Slater and grabbed two extra Waylands out of treasure trove. They don’t show when I try to use them to ascend another character or in the training camps when I go to convert toons to traders. I don’t want a bunch of duplicates clogging my roster so how do I get rid of them?

Go to your roster, hit the filter options, tap the option to stack duplicates. Then you can manipulate them separately

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I’ve picked up a few dupe 6* and i’m loathe to just sell them for depot points, at least they used to act as a lilith before hand, but not any more

Do not sell those 6* characters. I bet they will be of use again, sooner or later.

We should be able to transform those 6* toons in a new type of trainer you know, all the others have one

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From your mouth to Scopely’s ears, please!

Exchanging a useless legendary (or its dupe) for Bernadette would be sweet, but even a dumbed down “toon trainer” version yielding just 2k XP would still make more sense

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Exactly. Maybe not Bernadette because we don’t earn Benedict when we exchange 5* toons, but a new trainer higher than Brian would be very welcome.

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