This looks like a bug

I don’t know is it a bug or not but if you have a character has Reviving Adrenaline Rush and on the other team has a character has Parting Shot skill when you use Revive Adrenaline Rush and if the character has Parting Shot dies and kills the Reviver then Reviver can Revive himself/herself.

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Looks like a bug to me. I think the sequence is:

  1. Use AR.
  2. Revive a dead character (if none is dead, nothing happens).
  3. Counter attack from parting shot.
  4. Rivever dies.

In fact it’s all about the stack (the order in which things happens)

I think it follows this order

  1. Reviver use AR (damage + revive one)
  2. Deal the AR damage (1st part of the attack action, open the stack)
  • Stack 1. The ammount of damage is going to kill the enemy
  • Stack 2. Enemy’s parting shot
  • Stack 3. Reviver dies
  • Stack 4. Enemy dies (close the stack)
  1. AR Revive one (2nd part of the attack action)

If only the reviver is dead in your team, he/she will revive himself/herself

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Parting shot is only a basic crit attack, it’s not an AR so no parting shot should ever revive, unless he’s holding a revive weapon & kills an enemy?

I mean if everyone lives in your team and Parting Shot kills your Reviver (ex=Hershel) after Revivers AR he can revive himself/herself. Sorry my English is not very good.

Yeah that doesnt sound right if it is happening. @CombatMan if you could try to see if this is happening thatd be greaaaat


Which fighter? We had an issue once of Jesus reviving himself (no puns intended) on an automated test, but we couldn’t reproduce that later.


Do I have to come in on the weekend? I got my TPS reports finished :confused:


Also I reproduced this issue with a specific character, so that will be fixed at some point.

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I guess I tired you with my problems. By the way it’s happened to me in a raid, I killed prestige negan with Hershel AR and negan killed Hershel with Parting Shot and Hershel just revived himself.

It’s like necromancy. A necromancer can’t necromance itself.

Ya, there’s actually a few characters to which this issue will occur. A bug was logged yesterday to resolve that.

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