This kind of offers make me a proud f2player

U can get 1000 (+some items) for 5 USD

Or u can pay 700% more for the same $hit


You mean less Sh!t


I was literally about the post the same thing. I was about to say they think we are stupid… but then I realised there obviously are stupid players who actually buy it.

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Of course the $4.99 is a better deal, but there’s a limit of one. The $39.99 one is there after you bought the good offer but wanted more snowflake tokens.

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Yeah the way it is increases is stupid…/
1 and 2 are cheap
3 4 and so on are expensive.

Yeah, it’s to prey on people who feel like they have to keep going…

I use to be a light spender. I spent on 2.99 tickets, Balloons for sergio and than I stopped since this game wasn’t worth it (This was when the venturebeat article released) And this stopped since (My bank charges a lame ass 3$ fee meaning I pay a 99 cent offer it’s 3.99 in total)

*Hands F2P pass*

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tecnically, its less $hit, just the tokens and prestige

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