This isn't a brag post, but just a thread to try to motivate you to keep pushing


I finally got Dwight just now, but don’t let that discourage you. Take it as a heed to keep pushing, and just like John Cena says,“Never Give Up!” You can do this! Still have a lot of time to hit 500k. It was dreadful that I had to sacrifice lots of important gear to get ends meet, but in the end it’s worth it, and hardwork pays off, and I know I will get the gear back soon. I just want you to attempt to get the milestones back because catch up day is upon us, and you’ll need every vest you can get.

For the new players, I feel your pain, but please just do your best, and just get any reward you possibly can. Any reward you get will help you further your road to survival. Also if you’re new, best advice is to find you a decent faction that accepts players at your designated level. Do not try joining top factions until you have high rep, level, and team grade. Factions help a lot in this game, and will lead you to have a decent chance to get awesome toons like Dwight. Your first toon may be a 4*, but even 4s can be put to good use on low levels. Make sure to never try to raid with a low grade team, you will get crushed, so best idea is to farm and complete the easy levels on the world map first, and level any toon you collect. Use 2s on your toons, and make sure to give them good weapons you get. You will start out with 2-3* weapon until you reach higher levels, so yeah, if you’re new, please don’t get discouraged if you don’t get Dwight. Take this as a learning process of what you could earn when you reach high ranks. For now, just focus on winning the low rank rewards. They will help you to get better in this game. Everyone had to start there which sucks, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Recurring players, like I meantioned, never give up, and get those vests before time runs out. Think positive, and farm the rare gear talkie stages for gear to sell, raid raid raid, and create those 2*s to feed to your leveling toons.

P. S

I was going to post the screenshot of my Dwight, but figured not to because that would be rude of me, so I’m just going to leave it like this, and hope players take advantage of my words of wisdom, if not then good luck to you. :blush:


If you have nothing left to level up how can you keep pushing for milestones, nice post and delighted you got Dwight but it’s not relevant to everyone.


unfortunately I need the 750k milestone :confused:
but nice thread/post tho :slight_smile:
oh and gz :slight_smile:


Well, I was just trying to help instead of being an asshole talking down on others. I have good intentions man. Hope you guys at least take advantage of that catch up day. You’ll get it, “Best believe that.” - Roman Reigns :blush:


And that’s why I complimented your post, just pointing out its not relevant for everyone but thanks for it anyway, it will be helpful to some but not all.


I think the problem is the people who know 100% they can’t get dwight if the only way is through level ups. Some people have nothing left because no new 6*s have been released in almost 2 months outside of premier recruits.


Diamonds are forever, and so is Ric Flair baby… Whoooooooo ~ Ric Flair. #keeponsurviving ~ Scopely


You’re telling the truth.


If I can hit the 750k milestone then I will get Dwight. But If I knew for certain that there would be other tournaments with shirts available before the event is over then I wouldn’t bother busting my :soccer::soccer: over it :joy:


Thanks, i wont give up! Its sad when i didnt get the riflle and the toons :frowning: but what can you do when you just start playing for 2 months. Long way to go ~


It’s not the absolute amount of points in any one tournament, it’s the endless parade of level ups. It’s quite likely you saved several months to get enough resources for a high score,

I have stacks of saved materials, but for each one of those tourneys I skip over to conserve, I lose something. Question is the next big thing worth it, we never know more than a minute in advance.

So yes, I have Dwight since I planned properly. Of course, that probably means some yellow premium recruit pops next time that turns him to mincemeat, like decapitate suddenly arriving after Revive Jesus was more or less given to everyone.


Which is why a lot won’t get him. Get stuff that you can while it’s offered. If u did your absolute best and went out every chance and didn’t make it then my sympathy goes out to the players like this, but the ones who just keep waiting for hopes of a road map because it’s easier and u miss out on free toon…too bad…


Yeah, I was really bummed out when I missed limited edition Jesus from “pick your side”. I swore to myself NEVER AGAIN! Then I got Tripp and I was like RAWR! Now I got Dwight and I’m like, still wish I got Jesus… :confused:

Lol, just kidding. Just take the time, do the work, and you’ll get there. :wink: Do tournaments, try to pick up everything you can and grow consistently. Power creep will render Dwight useless soon enough, so be ready to pounce on the next big thing. You will get there noobs. :blush: RAWR!


Nevermind the grind you have to go through to get all the components. It is just that if Dwight is your only 6star to be, it is not worth it. I just did get him while grinding for gear and couldnt care less. Lvl up fodder ironically.


I got Dwight by hitting the 750k milestone after I saw the milestones for the raid tourney. All I was saying is it would be nice to know for certain if there would have been other opportunities. One thing I’ve learnt is not to trust Scopley. But as usual we don’t find out till the last minute and it’s from the VK site. Ridiculous


Grats! I’m in a massive need of all items now too after leveling… basically all hipster items fanny packs sun glasses blue vests ect. Lol