This is without a doubt the worst anniversary event I have seen in any game ever

Like why where you thinking? The stash itself sucks but then you’re setting damn milestones and not even givin enough of the collection items to actually get any tokens. You gave us an easy roadmap that leaves us 100 short and the stash items are all pathetic.

The toon is bloody awful and isn’t ever going to be relevant in the current meta and your Summer tokens are ass, I already have the 20,000 for Romanov so now it’s likely most of my pulls for the next 2 weeks will be worthless unless you listen to the damn suggestions and make an actual good roadmap to use the chihuahua’s on.

You’re meant to be listening to the players and trying to improve yet this anniversary and the current rewards wheel just prove otherwise.

Sort this out, you still have the time to make the remainder of the anniversary actually worthwhile. Just remove the damn stash and Sergio and give us something worthwhile that isn’t a sickening grind to actually earn.


Relates to this also which on discord JB said he has seen, not holding my breathe tho

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