This is why all your events are frustrating

I’ve gone through your arrow roadmap 4 times, gotten 4 arrow bags and now have a grand total of 4 arrows out of the 10 I need to open the next roadmap. If I wanted to have this much “fun”, it would be less time consuming for me to sit outside and watch the grass grow. I could actually make my own arrows out of sticks faster than I can get them from this event. Quit being so miserly. Pixels can’t be that time consuming to create. Shape up Scopely!


Scopes doing a hell of a job lol. I been slacking just ran map twice got two arrows.


Completely agree. 5 times, 5 arrows for me.

With the 10 seltzers debacle as well the crappy odds on these bags are just sucking any fun out of the events.


Rng is the devil for those with the leaky bucket i’m the same 6 arrows out of 5 bags is pathetic


Scopely has a backwards business model. They punish players for wanted to play their own way. They fear the tiny minority will stop forking out cash if they even the odds.

Scopely, if you want to see success, reward players for playing their way and encourage the majority to support business.

10 players spending 1$ is a greater good than 1 player spending 10$ if you want software to live on.


Exactly. If I was getting decent drops and got close enough for another run I might consider topping up on items by buying them. But I’m not giving money to a company who thinks they can pressure their players into spending by giving them scraps.


I think it’s funny tbh


I’m with u on the odds there terrible but this map is not time consuming it literally takes like 3 min every 6 hours

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I’d would much rather have had a grind event like the smugglers and the one before that (I forget what it was)

I don’t mind canning up and grinding a map for rewards, at least then I’ve got control over my results. I get irked when it’s scopely that defines my event experience

This is really a not fun event :joy:

We’ll get to run the other map 3 times I guess. Pick up 24 other currency total, not enough to buy anything.



I think they need to think about their numbers more. The psychological effect they have

Can’t be psychological tricked when you commit to no spending at all.


It’s not just about spending it’s whether the numbers make players feel good or dejected


I think the even weirder thing is that they ain’t selling any more arrows or arrow packs other than their starter pack.

So far my pulls have been 1, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5. So those values do exist.

2, 2, 1, 1, 1 here… yours is almost a Fibonacci sequence, lol. Mine is rather going to zero :smiley:


1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, for me.

Fu*k scrot**y’s bullshit.


The only time I got a decent amount of arrows was when I got the item from the shop

Everything else has been x1

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Meh i did it twice and got 2 arrows…aint bothering to do it anymore

Woo hoo! Got 1 again…not frustrating…sucks.